Why Blogging is Essential for Your Marketing Strategy

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Why is Blogging Essential?

by Charles Herold, Pearl Consulting NYC

Blogging is a key marketing practice. But in spite of its effectiveness, small business owners are often skeptical of its value. However, it’s an invaluable tool for connecting with customers, establishing your expertise, and differentiating you from the competition.

You might think your website does enough by carefully describing your business and offering some pictures and basic information. What if your customers want to know more than you can fit into a FAQ? What if they want more of a sense of your range of knowledge and your approach?  A blog offers the opportunity to constantly expand the way you present your business and educate potential customers.

You might think social media is enough. It’s an important way to keep yourself top-of-mind for followers and visitors. But posting is like throwing toy boats onto a river. Your posts constantly slip downstream, feeding the social media platform’s need for content. But blog content belongs to you, so it’s always available to draw customers to your website rather than leaving them on someone else’s platform.

A blog creates the sense that your business is actively engaging with the online world, and as long as you post regularly, can even improve your appeal to search engines. Many business owners don’t have the time or skill, which is why some hire professional writers who can blog on a schedule, help find new topics that reinforce your business goals, and create a story about your business that makes you stand out.

If you want to do everything you can to get the most engagement with potential customers, blogging is essential.

Sitka Creations urges you to blog regularly, and we’d be thrilled to help you regularly post your blog content. If you need a writing agency to help tell the story of your business in an engaging way, we highly recommend Pearl Consulting NYC.