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What does Google say about you? 6 tips to beef up your online presence

Republished with permission by RDT Content Marketing LLC

Despite COVID-19, people are still looking to hire and build relationships with contacts. Studies show that over 70% of people research someone online before hiring or doing business with them. When was the last time you googled your name? How can you improve your results?

1. Assess. What shows up on the first page? Is there substantive information that demonstrates expertise and fosters trust? Do you have any reviews or recommendations? It is not enough to ensure that bad things don’t appear in your search results, you want to make sure a lot of good things show up too.

2. Develop content for third-party sites. Showing up on third-party sites is often more important than what is on your website because you can’t control it. The more authoritative the other website, the more it affects your credibility and search engine ranking. Identify sites where you could contribute content.

3. Downplay the negatives. Generally, you should try to resolve negative reviews and bad publicity offline and ask for a retraction. Take care not to engage in public debates or draw more attention to a matter. Otherwise, counteract negative results with positive ones to lessen their importance.

Studies show that prospects research and talk to multiple firms before making a decision. If you want to compete, a strong online brand is essential. It may not guarantee you get the business, but the lack of one may lose you the business.

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