[Studio MV] Event Review: SAND – Through Our Eyes

By Kelly Kidson


Sand may be regarded as synonymous with excursions on Martha’s Vineyard, but this past weekend, SAND was something more than simply the soft ground that gives way underfoot.

The exhibit “SAND – Through Our Eyes” was a collection of documentary styled photographs from the Island’s next generation of photographers. SAND opened to a full house Saturday, May 3rd, at the Featherstone Center for the Arts.

SAND is what the all girl collaborative comprised of Sarah Felder, Amy Sertl, Nicole Mercier and Danielle Fogg call themselves; an acronym of their first names. The girls’ collection on display at Featherstone encompasses their work from the last 8 months; exploring the secret and often forgotten places of Martha’s Vineyard. It provided a refreshing “un-island” perspective of life on the Island.

Under the direction of Janis Baer, from the Center for Creative Expression, the girls spent time after school and on the weekends, capturing moments and inspiration from places around the island such as; Webb’s Campground, Cedar Tree Neck, Leonardo Bros. Junk Yard and The FARM Institute. A separate area, the “back porch”, at Featherstone featured SAND’s on location photos for a behind the lens look at the girls doing what they do best; exploring Martha’s Vineyard and taking photographs.

Visitors to Featherstone were greeted with the group’s photo; standing in front of a graffiti tagged “no girls allowed’ wall, reminiscent of childhood camp. Yet, this is no children’s camp; the work presented reflected the talents of a group much older than their average 17 years. Each girl offered their own vision, their own unique perspective on each area of the Island they documented. Sarah stated she wants to create photos that she can “look at and instantly know why she likes it”. I, for one, found myself repeatedly circling back to her “Squares”, a black and white photograph of an abandoned urinal. Amy, looks to capture a moment, a second in time to make it last forever. Nicole, who has been studying photography since the 7th grade, challenges herself with the use of a trusted Holga camera, the effect is stunning. Danielle however, I think summarized the overall feeling of the exhibit. Her biography stated “my life in the photography world is just a beginning spark to the fireworks I want to create”. Girls, we are all looking forward to the future fireworks show!

For more information contact:

Featherstone Center for the Arts
30 Featherstone Lane
Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Additionally, watch for the SAND Exhibit coming to Sitka’s Studio on Hines Point soon!
Details to follow.

Danielle Fogg

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