Two Galleries to Host 13 Artists at DORMA on June 4th


May 31, 2015

Contact: Maia Hamilton, Per Se Art Gallery — 917.284.5951


As the summer begins, Sitka Creations and Per Se Art Gallery would like to invite art lovers to attend an event created to spotlight the work of 13 of their artists creating works on the theme Design Is Everything!

“The goal of our Design Is Everything! event is to showcase how architecture and art work together. A space is really unfinished until some form of artwork compliments it,” Maia Hamilton of Per Se Art Gallery says. DORMA Design Center, with its mission of studying and celebrating architectural design, is a perfect match for this theme of the public environment for new artwork. DORMA is a leading international manufacturer of doorway technology, and hence, the company has been driven to perfect and beautify public spaces ever since their founding by two enterprising German families over a century ago.

“We aim to cover many tastes,” Hamilton continues. “The artworks of Ekaterina Ermilkina could be a perfect fit for a home or an office. The works in the intimate ‘Thing’ series of Ida Ivanka Kubler are suitable for retreats, medical facilities or home spaces. The colorful and joyful expressionist canvasses of Joel Berman could uplift the spirit in any space. The calming and soothing landscapes of Beth Barry could enhance either a home or an office space.”

The DORMA Design Center will host the show at their space at 1040 Avenue of the Americas (22nd floor) in midtown Manhattan, on Thursday evening, June 4, 6 ? 8 p.m. This artists’ reception will also feature a presentation by the world renowned architect Theodore Liebman, Principal at Perkins Eastman. Additional speakers include: Marcel Madsen, Principal, Produce Design Studio; Sharon Crockett, Principal, Haus. by bjc; W.R. Mann, Principal of WR Mann Architecture & Interior Design Firm.

The artists showing work on the theme of the primacy of design include Jeanne Borofsky, Kellie Weeks, Jen Hemenway, Joel Berman, Ida Ivanka Kubler, Gosha Karpowicz?, Raul de la Torre, Victoria Kovalenchikova, Ekaterina Ermilkina, Beth Barry, Astrid Sommer, Iphigenia Gossios Burg, and Ylenia Mino. These artists hail from all over the country and the world. The works will be well-suited to the environment of the Center, with its focus on design in the arts and in commercial applications. The show will be a collection of primarily modern abstract pieces in various media. The galleries hope that bringing this work to DORMA will give these artists an opportunity to reach a broader audience in New York City.

Patrons or guests who cannot attend the opening will be able to view the works until June 20 at Per Se Art Gallery, 207 Central Park North in Manhattan. Viewing will be by appointment only (see Maia Hamilton’s contact information below). 

Any and all enquiries are welcome. Please contact:

Maia Hamilton

Per Se Art Gallery — New York City

Tel. 917.284.5951

Tamar Russell Brown

Sitka Creations

Gallery Sitka — Shirley, Mass.

Tel.718.974.3328 or 508.645.1313

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