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Top Takeaways from the Social Media Association

Republished with permission by RDT Content Marketing LLC

I was honored to be among the panelists at a program on “Social Media’s Heavy LIFT (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for Lawyers and Law Firms.” Although the program focused on law firms, the concepts apply to any professional service firm.

Organized by the Social Media Association, our discussion centered on how attorneys and firms could benefit from social media and specific tactics to improve their results. Some of the top takeaways from the panel included:

1. Establish goals for social media to guide your strategy. These may include staying top of mind with existing contacts, positioning attorneys as thought leaders, educating consumers, highlighting the firm’s culture, recruiting, gaining competitive intelligence, and personal branding among other goals.

2. Don’t try to be everywhere. LinkedIn is a must regardless of whether you are targeting consumers or businesses. However, if your target market is active on other platforms, then you should try to have a presence there as well. Ideally, master one platform before adding another one.

3. Use visuals. Photos get the best results on social media. Use your own images if you can rather than stock photos, but always get permission. Video is also great for social media. Useful tools to improve your visual marketing include Canva, Pexels, Lumen5 and Animoto. 

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