[ECUADOR] Visiting Guapulo

Visiting Guapulo, ECUADOR

By Tirzah Russell de Franco

On the eastern side of Quito, the Capital of Ecuador, lies an old route, called Guapulo, that Francisco de Orellana took, the first Spaniard to visit the Ecuadorian Amazonian Jungle. Quito lies on a high plateau in the Andes Mountains so the route down to the nearest valley is steep. This route has turned into a quaint, cobble stoned road that is still in use today. It is lined with quaint, old houses and has always been a favorite for tourists and artists to escape the hustle and bustle of the city just 10 minutes away. Guapulo is perfect for a quiet walk any day of the week. There is also an overlook to take in the views; looking down at the community Guapulo and out to the valleys. Nowadays they have built an eight lane highway that heads out of Quito so not as much traffic passes through Guapulo. Escape to Guapulo for a moment even if it’s just in these photos!

All photos by Tirzah Russell de Franco

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