[Studio Sitka] Sitka Creations — Celebrating 10 Years

October 31, 2012

As October 2012 closes, we are happy to mention that Sitka Creations is 10 years old. Sitka Creations started in Rockland, Maine in October of 2002. Our first project was for a company called Uvitec Printing Ink, Inc. thanks to Bob Waddington, who we will never forget.

Over the years we have added services, learned how business and design go together, and expanded our collaborative team to include many contributors and freelancers. We have made mistakes, learned from them and continue to grow. We have worked with many different types of companies, individuals and other artists. The projects have been numerous, some large and some small, but all of them have been fun.

We appreciate the support of our team, our friends and our families. We also are extremely grateful to our CLIENTS without whom we would be unable to continue this business.

We look forward to another 10 Years as your design team.

A few names we would like to mention and thank:

Our Team (past and present): Dragan Dimic, Kelly Phoninsan, Tanya Messore, Jeremy Smith, Alfred Rivera, Tirzah Russell, Ivan Pablo Franco Luna, Lidija Butkovic, Simao Ago, Jerry Kann, Monique Mota, Aleksandar Mitic, Nitzan Zohar, Jon Kidson, Regina Cummings, Anna Marie DiAddaire, and Ryan Cassidy.

Some individuals with whom we have collaborated: Charles DeBendittis, Rod Milam, and Amy Williams.

Other design companies who have hired us: Elizabeth Whelan and Jane Lee Design.

Our Paper Companies: Neenah Paper, Mohawk Paper, and Fraser Papers.

Our Printers: Bubble Gum Printing Company (Queens), Jamie McLennan at Independence Press (NJ), The Tisbury Printer (Martha’s Vineyard), James Higgins (NYC), Elm Street Printing (Camden, ME), and Overnight Prints.

Our Bankers and Tax Companies, Business Coach: Pagona N. Maroulis Lalljee, Laurie DiRusso, Chris Skevas, Eric Maisonave, Don Tracey, Shannon Jackson, Teri Scheinzeit, CHASE Bank (we love CHASE Bank) and The Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank.

Some of our networking group presidents and key networkers: Narayn Datt, Ross Karp (MNG), Josephti Cruz Gonda (BNI), and Bill Fischer (BNI). We also thanks MVOL for the referrals as well as Heather Goff.

There are many more names to mention, and if you did not get a mention because we forgot you, please leave us a comment and we will make an amendment to this post.

Again, we thank you all and let’s hope for 10 more years!


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