[Studio NYC] Printer Profile : Jacobson Printing

New York, NY — Jan. 20, 2014 We love our printers and we have several! We thought we would tell you about one of our favorites in NYC.
By Euletha Dukes
Print. For many, the image that first comes to mind is an icon on the computer screen and a machine that spits out a few black and white pages of text. Others might picture an office printer that can churn out hundreds of copies at the push of a button. But what about those times when you need thousands or tens of thousands of copies — really large-scale projects? The unique logo on Euro-chic hotel napkins, custom-designed wedding invitations, etched brass signage on a hotel front — those aren’t the kinds of print jobs you can do at home. You need to go to a professional.
jac-sign2--copy-brown-476Located in Queens, Jacobson Printing is a family-owned, multi-generational printer with humble beginnings dating back to 1895. Samantha Kann, one of the few female printers in the industry, takes pride in her family’s traditions, because their business means more to them than just churning out a finished product. “We’re an old-fashioned press with modern technology, and we provide the kind of customer service that you just don’t get these days. We literally go above and beyond.”
When a company wants a printer to fulfill specific needs, they want to hear one golden word: Yes. They want to know that their vision will be transformed from outlines and sketches and turned into something tangible and real. That process can be a real game-changer for both client and enterprise alike.
Take, for example, The Treats Truck, a New-York based food truck and restaurant. When the owner approached Samantha about creating vinyl signage for her truck and restaurant windows, it didn’t even faze Ms. Kann that Jacobson Printing had never worked with vinyl before. They gladly took up the opportunity to expand their services. Now they have added vinyl to the growing roster of high-end materials that they know how to work with.
Considering Jacobson Printing’s versatility, it comes as no surprise that they are equally skilled at art reproduction. They were hired to print and mount individualized posters for an event at the New York Public Library, a last-minute request that the company aced. And thanks to similarly successful ventures, digital posters are now included among the range of services they offer.
In the rare instance that Jacobson Printing cannot fulfill a project, be it for lack of time or resources, they may refer clients to other local printers that they are confident can take it on. Some of these business relationships go back over 40 years, and they outsource to some of the best in the industry. In today’s economy, when the doors of countless companies have been forced to shut for good, Jacobsen Printing is always happy to share the workload — and the business — when they can.
And shipping doesn’t appear to be an issue either, because, as Ms. Kann puts it, “We’ll ship to just about anywhere FedEx goes. We’ll even deliver by llama.” If that’s what it takes to go above and beyond, then that’s the seal of hearty entrepreneurial spirit, right there. And that’s a legacy to be proud of.
For more information, go to http://jacobsonprinting.com or https://twitter.com/JacobsonPrint

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