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New York, NY — March 12, 2014 We love assisting small businesses grow, whether they are clients or friends. Here is a piece about a friend of ours in NYC. This is a business profile for Ship Shape Organizers owned by Francesca Manisco in New York City.
By Euletha Dukes
“The philosophy behind Ship Shape Organizers is that your home is your ship,” says founder Francesca Manisco. “When your ship is in shape, you can sail anywhere in life!” Here’s a phrase that could become a modern-day proverb.
We all know a proverb or two about keeping things tidy and organized. I’ve been struggling for a long time trying to keep my head above the tide of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. So I understand the need for that kindly and endearing sort of wisdom such as, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Or, “A clean home is a happy home.” And even Einstein pitched in when he said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.”
“Okay, Einstein,” you may say, “you haven’t seen my mess. My home is in utmost disarray, and it’s an unsightly disaster. Thanks for the advice, but there’s no help out there for me.” But ask an expert organizer, and she would beg to differ.
Ms. Manisco, captain at the helm of Ship Shape Organizers, is just the person you should reach out to. A member of the National Association of Professional Organizers for upwards of 16 years, she also draws on a lifetime of personal experience that has helped her develop sharp organizational skills. She confidently asserts that simplicity and harmony are not only attainable, but that getting there can also be fun.
When asked to give some quick and easy organizing tips, Ms. Manisco offers a few simple essentials that can quickly whip any unkempt home into shape. Something as basic as opening mail right away and keeping a garbage can (or a recycling bin) by the entranceway goes a long way toward eliminating unnecessary litter. Junk mail immediately gets tossed right where it belongs — in the trash.
Another idea is to keep a tray by the entranceway for emptying pockets of small, random items. Not only will this practice help you avoid that desperate, needle-in-a-haystack rummaging through untidy drawers and closets, but it will even help keep clothes in good condition. (No one wants holes in their pockets, do they? That’s just what happens when you leave things in your pockets overnight.) And those clear plastic shoe organizers are more useful than one might think. They make perfect little cubbies for gloves, sunglasses, hats, phone chargers — anything that is used daily, or often enough that it needs to be accessed quickly. For larger projects involving papers and memorabilia, keeping things together in clearly labeled boxes and having a functional filing system is key. Sharpies and post-it notes are a must for any well-groomed home.
For women who are always on the go, toting large purses around town, it’s a good idea to choose brightly colored accessories. This saves the hassle and stress of scouring the dark depths of a purse that always seems to be hungry for that very thing you’re looking for.
As both captain and solo crew member of Ship Shape Organizers, Ms. Manisco builds and maintains close relationships with her clients so that they can find functional solutions that they can work with and live by. Being a professional organizer means more than just putting things in order — she’s helping people organize their lives. She helps her clients get where they want to go. Hence the name of her enterprise is entirely apropos.
Call for an appointment: www.shipshapeorganizers.com and phone is 212.674.3316.

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