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New York, NY — April 16, 2014 We have known Shelley about 4 years. She is an amazing networker and businesswoman. She is currently in one of our networking groups in New York City. So, we wanted to give her some props and press. Contact her if you need some assistance with your health, she can help!
By Euletha Dukes
Let’s say you’ve landed the perfect job in sales. Great pay and great benefits are in your foreseeable future. You can magically turn small talk into a major profit. And since you’re a people person and love being a part of the action, this is a dream job come true.
What your peers may think but might not always say: We’re inspired by you. What they want to know but may not always ask: How do you do it? If you’d like to be that person who everybody else is talking about or thinking about, you can do it — with a little help from a knowledgeable, dynamic business leader like Shelley Simpson.
We spoke with Ms. Simpson, the charismatic franchise owner of Juice Plus.  She has over five years of experience in her field and has had abundant success. We wanted to find out how she has built her business around effective networking and business practices. Luckily, she was happy to share her wealth of expertise with us.
She didn’t waste words. First things first: No matter how wonderful the product, no matter how catchy the slogan, no one will know what you have to offer unless you communicate it. You talk about what you love and why, and it becomes infectious. But do it one better: Try the product yourself and experience its benefits. Ms. Simpson saw and felt the positive aspects of using Juice Plus and developed a client base just by talking about how much she loved it. People liked what they heard and soon began using it and talking to their friends about it.
Naturally, the more a salesperson can get people to like a product, the better the chances are that those people will make referrals for you. This is part and parcel of Ms. Simpson’s success. No cold calls, just referrals and word of mouth about a really great product.
Think creatively about the future: Now you have an ever-expanding list of clients. How do you maintain that client base? Ms. Simpson advises taking proactive steps, such as calling clients to check in and ask how they are doing. She urges you to take the initiative to educate them. Have you come across an interesting article online that they might appreciate? Send them a link to it in an email. Good customer care is a powerful tool. Treat your clients well and they may stick around for awhile. Conversely, a poorly served customer is a lost customer.
Ms. Simpson emphasizes several essential aspects of networking and maintaining strong relationships. Enumerating them as a series of must-do bullet points, she advises fellow entrepreneurs to “seek opportunities every day to help others. Don’t just be out there to meet people. Meet people with a purpose. See yourself as a resource for others, and help connect people to each other.” Particularly during economically trying times, “you have to be resilient. Look at what you have and be grateful for it, not at what you don’t have.” And when it gets down to business, there is nothing wrong with the direct approach. Ask for what you need. Don’t dance around the issue with friends and associates.
Novice and seasoned pro alike would agree that building a business is no small feat. Rare is the enterprise that launches successfully with little or no help. You gotta have friends. Besides requiring skill, tenacity and resilience, sometimes it really does take a village to make it all happen. With solid networking and good business practices in your tool kit, you can build your business successfully, both in the short term and for years to come.
Shelley Simpson

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