[Studio NYC] Artist Profile : Janet Restino

January 6, 2011

New York, NY — Sitka Creations is happy to have met NYC artist Janet Restino through the American Business Women’s Association in NYC.

By Michala Smith

Philadelphia native Janet Restino came to New York in the early 1980’s. Throughout her career, she’s been a true “Jill of all trades.” Ms. Restino’s first love was music, which in turn ignited her passion for painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. Her favorite subjects in the visual arts are nature and the human figure. Ms. Restino also finds the concept of “peace” an inspiration for her work; the birds, the sun shining, the grass growing, the quietness of a Sunday morning are all platforms for art in her eyes. She is also an accomplished composer. An avid songwriter, comic, poet, and singer, Ms. Restino has put on several shows in Manhattan; the last being at the Cherry Lane Theatre this past summer. In the visual arts, she loves to fuse together her media, combining poetry and song lyrics with her images. She prints and publishes many of her images on blank note cards, apparel and print using various methods such as lithography, woodcuts, etching and silkscreen. The discerning shopper will find her pieces around Manhattan, particularly in shops in the Theater District. Ms. Restino
describes herself as instinctual, intuitive, and sometimes impulsive—all of which are clearly evident in her dynamic and inspiring work.

You can email Ms. Restino at and visit her site at www.janetrestino.com

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