[Studio Sitka] Artist Profile : Chad McClarnon

March 7, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee — Sitka Creations is happy to have connected with photographer Chad McClarnon in Nashville, TN in 2009 via Twitter. Our coffee dates at Crema in Nashville have become annual.

By Michala Smith

With his deep-rooted connection to the South, Chad McClarnon has carved out a successful niche in his home state of Tennessee. But in a way, he’s found his niche as a photographer all over the country. He shoots commercial, editorial, and advertising images, as well as clients’ portraits. Of all these realms of photography, his favorite consists of taking pictures that include people. Mr. McClarnon believes that “art should be something you can relate to, so I try to find some sort of human element in everything I shoot.” His never-ending reel of projects is what keeps Mr. McClarnon on his toes. He most recently revisited his passion for filmmaking and is currently outlining a new screenplay with his writing team, hoping to present a feature film within the next five years. His other ventures include “Project: One Song,” which is featured on his website, and a montage based on images of discrimination that is nearly three years in the making. The idea of this project is that anyone of any race, creed, sex, shape, size, income level, color, etc. could look upon the photos and identify with them. He hopes that people who have never experienced discrimination will look upon the photos and empathize in a way they never have before.

To find out more about Mr. McClarnon and his projects, check out his website or email him at .

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