[Studio MV] Brand Profile: Mystique Jeweled Sandals

September 21, 2012

By Lidija Butkovi? | Edited by Jerry Kann

The invention of sandals goes back to prehistoric times. This simple but elegant footwear originated long before today’s plastic flip-flops. Sandals have beautified feet since the beginning of civilization and have been worn to adorn the body and demonstrate status.

But fashion has not always been the only consideration for footwear makers. Sturdy slippers and sandals for women must have also been born out of the need to protect feet and provide comfort. Nowadays, sandals for ladies address the same needs — both comfort and beauty.

Mystique Jeweled Sandals was established in 1999 by the husband-and-wife team of Yamin and Dorien Levy. Designed by Yamin, the line reflects his love of the Indonesian islands and their wonderful people. The natural leathers, beads, sequins and shells in his designs are reminders of the beauty of Indonesia’s natural resources. Bejeweled with beautiful abalone, diamond, turquoise, crystal, coral and amber, Yamin’s color palette includes pink, cobalt blue, white and silver. Spanning a wide variety of styles, these distinctive leather sandals are for everyone. Both flats and wedges are ideal for warm weather and carefree days. Wear them to work or out to play — these super-cute sandals will undoubtedly brighten up your day!

“Mystique is a brand that everyone loves and is always a top seller in my boutique,” says Vineyard Haven store owner Kerry Quinlan-Potter. “Austrian crystals, mother-of-pearl, abalone, and turquoise are just some of the accents that enhance the sandal. They are well-made and sturdy, yet elegant and sophisticated. I like to say they are like jewelry for the foot.”

Summer is coming to an end. Get your Mystique Sandals before the season is over and enjoy the sun for a little while longer! Living on an island? It doesn’t have to be a fashion challenge. Visit the online shop of The Collection on Martha’s Vineyard, and you’ll find yourself just one click away from being stylish!

The Collection MV is located at 65 Main Street, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568. Call the store at (508) 687-9814 and find them online at www.thecollectionmv.com, www.facebook.com/thecollectionmv and at www.twitter.com/thecollectionmv

For more information about Mystique, go to www.shopmystique.com

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