[Studio FR] Press Release: New Music Release by Pesto Music

Cologne, Germany — From Pesto Music: Pesto 015 comes straight from Sydney’s Christian G. so at least we have some summer in our next release. “Deep Reflection” was already featured on our “2.0” compilation, now we’re releasing it as a single together with a bunch of blazing remixes.

First, we have Christian’s own rework “Organ Chugg Remix 2010”, an updated deep stepper. Next in the pack is a Jon Silva remix, reminiscent of the mid 1990ies Deephouse sound. Following the Original from 2009 in a remastered version, we have a storming techie remix by Herbert Pryne who just recently had the honor to remix one of Anne Clark’s tunes.

This album will be released worldwide on December 29, 2010.

For more information about this release, contact www.pestomusic.com

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