Sitka Creations' October Newsletter

Sitka Creations' Studio V
Sitka Creations' Studio V

Sitka Creations is pleased announce the opening of its little sister studio “Studio V” in Vientiane, LAO PDR. Sitka Creations Studio V is located in the heart of downtown, where it keeps pulse on the ever changing, ever fascinating capital – Vientiane.

Working with our international design team in NYC + Belgrade, Sitka Creations “Studio V” can assist with all manner of materials from web and print design, to photography, social media, marketing and PR.

Contact us: + Lao mobile: 713 2004

Sitka Creations has also moved home base to Astoria, New York City, NY, USA.

The new phone contact number is: 718.974.3328

Give us a call and we will meet you for coffee in the café of your choice to chat about your next project.

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