[Studio MV] Event Review: Loirra Burra & Pierre @ CHE’S LOUNGE, Martha’s Vineyard


“Drive safe, slumbering mules.” This was the gestalt credo of the two bands that combined to shake the drywall off the studs Saturday, March 7th at CHE’S LOUNGE located in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts.

Up first was a three piece progressive-punk setup named LOIRRA BURRA, which is a Portuguese colloquialism that translates interchangeably as, well, we’ll say “slumbering mule” or “ignorant bimbette” (for the sake of causing no offense to you, our dear readers) according to our most trusted dictionaries.

The room was tight and suffocating with the smell of untreated armpits, high school sophomores with too much makeup and not enough sleep, a fake plastic tree enduring a torrential pounding of kick drum cataclysms, a sound engineer leaping over couches and laps to save a wavering tom tom, staccato runaway lacerations and train wreck harmonies, and a Bono-esque excursion into the audience by a flat-cap wielding bass player. All of this was set into a very pleasant froth by LOIRA BURRA, Martha’s Vineyards own, and the prevailing flagship of ABOVEGROUND RECORDS.

Natasha, oh Natasha, the ethereal unreachable ideal of a lover’s broken heart; this is the cold molten core of the headlining band PIERRE‘s lyrical content. Just how do they manage to push through and relieve such a ubiquitous but yet so personal universal angst? Cooper, the lead singer and guitarist explains “we lift amps for strength”.

By an impressive use of dynamics and unkempt hair, the high school heart breakers PIERRE, pummeled threw an extremely compelling and innovating arranged set of classic pop-rock discordant rambles, leaving each member of the audience satisfied as if they had just attended a well managed hors d’oeuvre soirée. In my mind, the set was a little short, they had the audience but there wasn’t enough material; however, all was not lost! Their final sonic ode to youthful incompleteness became the Coda, by an outro soundtrack, laced heavily with Public Enemy, Public Enemy Number One. I’m sure Chuck Dee is a safe driver.

“Drive safe LOIRA BURRA.”

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