PR: DBT Coatings introduces A new UV Curable, Flexo Soft-Touch Coating


March 3, 2016

Contact: Dave Parker — 336-210-1493


DBT Coatings introduces  A new UV Curable, Flexo Soft-Touch Coating

Greensboro, NC. —DBT Coatings is pleased to announce the development of a UV Curable, flexo-applied soft-touch coating for the folding carton and packaging industry. This coating is designed to provide a rich tactile sensation while offering comparatively durable product-resistance properties.

DBT Coatings’ Soft-Touch enables the printed piece to have a lustrous and high-quality appearance. To the touch, this coating has a soft, velvety feel and a satin to matte appearance.

This coating can be altered to offer different variations of tactile feel, from a ‘rubbery grip’ to a softer, more velvet-like appearance. There is also a lower coast option for more price sensitive jobs.

Although all commercially available soft touch coatings are generally susceptible to burnishing and scuff, DBT Coatings Soft Touch offers more resistance to these than most other available products.

As a global leader in environmentally sound coatings and digital primers, DBT Coatings is now expanding and preparing to offer an even more comprehensive suite of printing industry products.
David Parker can be reached at 336-210-1493.


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