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Podcasting to grow your business and brand

Podcasting offers a unique way to highlight your expertise, improve name recognition, stay top of mind with contacts and build trust. Whether you want to start your own podcast or get attention on someone else’s, there are tremendous opportunities to leverage podcasting to attract and retain clients. But first, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is podcasting right for you? Understand your objectives and your target audience to determine what content to share and how to do it effectively.

2. How will you promote your podcast? You can use your website, SEO, blogging, direct mail, email, social media, video, press releases and word of mouth to promote your podcast.

3. Are you ready for a long-term commitment? It takes time to build an audience. While the rewards are worth it, you will need to produce high-quality content on a consistent basis, or you’ll lose listeners.

4. Should you promote your business on other people’s podcasts? Podcasts can be a great way to get publicity and reach your target audience, but make sure to pitch or sponsor the right podcast.

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