Here are some books that we have at our studio – please contact us if you would like to see them or borrow them.



100 Photographs - The Most Influential Images of All Time

Time Special Edition

1,200 Words You Should Know to Sound Smart

Robert W Bly

All the Colors of the World but Black

Ekaterina Abramova

Art & Architecture in Italy 1600-1750, 1 Early Baroque

Rudolf Wittkower

Art & Architecture in Italy 1600-1750, 2 High Baroque

Rudolf Wittkower

Art History, Volume 2

Marilyn Stokstad

Art in Theory, 1900-1990

Charles Harrison & Paul Wood

Art Nouveau Floral Designs

Eugene Grasset

Artists Manual for Silk Screen Print Making

Harry Shokler

Bauer Type Foundry

Frankfurt AM


Magdalena Droste

Berry the Bear

J Mercedes

Book Sewings by Hand

Richard W. Horton

Book Types



Arthur Baker

Commercial Artist’s Handbook

John Snyder

Dakota Directory 2014

Dakota Building


Thorndike & Barnhart


Escourbiac l-imprimeur

Flower in the Mouth, A

Jason Gardner

Forty Dartmouth Poems

Richard Eberhart

Fuoriluogo (15 copies)

Tommaso Chiappa

Givers Gain, the BNI Story

Ivan R Misner & Jeff Morris

Grammar & Style at Your Fingertips

Lara M Robbins

Graphic Communications, the Printed Image

ZA Prust

Hands at Work

Emmy Zweybruck

Harvard Business Review, 2016/1-2

Harvard Business Review, 2015/11

Harvard Business Review, 2015/10

Harvard Business Review, 2015/9

Harvard Business Review, 2015/7-8

Harvard Business Review, 2015/6

Horacio Torres

MFA Boston

I Dipinti Di

Roberto Perotti

Juxtapositions Catalogue 339

Ursus Rare Books

Keepers of Tradition

Maggie Holtzberg

Late Modern, the Visual Arts Since 1945

Edward Lucie-Smith

Michelangelo & the Creation of the Sistine Chapel

Robin Richmond

Monet in the 20th Century

Paul Hayes Tucker

Monotype Catalog & Specimen Book

Swamp Press

Motivational Quotes

Mac Anderson


Thomas Chiappa

Papermaking – The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft

Dard Hunter

Printmaker’s Materials

Graphic Chemical & Inc Co

Product Catalog

Pella Engraving Co

Professional Practices in Graphic Design

Tad Crawford

Roget’s Thesaurus

Norman Lewis


Rania Matar

Small Business Start-Up Kit

Peri H Pakroo

Staples for Success

Thomas G Steimberg


Associated Press

The EOS Life - How to Live Your Ideal Entrepreneurial Life

Gino Wickman

Traditional Arts & Crafts in Yugoslavia

Nikola Pantelić & Miodrag Djordjević

Type Faces

Nimrod Press Inc

Type Faces, Display Composition

Stratford Press

Type Faces, Machine Composition

Stratford Press

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Eugene Ehrlich

XX Century Italian Art

Museum of Modern Art