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How To Use Social Media Effectively To Build Your Business

Republished with Permission from RDT Content Marketing, LLC

If there was a place where you could easily find your clients, prospects, referral sources and competitors, wouldn’t you want to be there? Every day on social media, millions of these individuals are receiving and sharing information relevant to their personal and business lives.

So, why aren’t you actively using social media to build your business?

Social media is a powerful tool that complements and amplifies everything you do, so you get the best results possible when promoting your practice. Here are a few social media musts to get you started:

1. Develop a social media marketing plan. Identify your target audience, goals, and message and commit sufficient resources to implementing the plan.

2. Choose the right platforms: Focus on platforms where your target audience is most active. Start with one platform; then add more when you’re seeing results.

3. Optimize your profile. Create a compelling and informative profile, especially on LinkedIn.

4. Share content. Regularly provide valuable and relevant information, including your articles, blog posts, videos and personal anecdotes as well as useful third-party content.

5. Interact. Like, comment on and repost other people’s content. Respond to comments to your posts and participate in discussions. The goal is to foster meaningful connections.

6. Test and evaluate results. Experiment with different strategies and review your analytics to identify areas for improvement.

For more tips, see RDT Content Marketing, LLC’s article in Law Practice Magazine, “Using Social Media to Build Your Practice.”

P.S. The article focuses on law firms but the advice is applicable to any professional service firm.

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