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How to promote your virtual event

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Republished with permission by RDT Content Marketing LLC

If you are interested in public speaking to market your business, you want your hard work to pay off. Last month, we discussed creating a strategic plan for public speaking to guide your overall efforts. This month, we look at specific tactics you should use to build interest in your virtual event.

Email. This is an easy way to let contacts know about your program, but ideally, tailor your emails to different segments of your contact database. Identify who you want to email and what benefits they would get from your program. Then vary your email copy so that each group gets an email that specifically resonates with them.

Social media. All of your marketing including the invite and related content should be shared through your social media. You can also use tools like LinkedIn Events and Facebook to promote the program. In addition, you may want to consider paid ads to reach more people.

Surveys. Conducting a survey before a program can help you generate interest in the event, provide discussion points during the event, and offer important takeaways to attendees after the event. It also provides a wealth of marketing and publicity opportunities especially if the information you collect has broader appeal. 

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