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How To Promote Your Public Speaking On LinkedIn

Republished with Permission from RDT Content Marketing, LLC

If you are planning an educational program, you want to get the most marketing value out of it. Public speaking is an excellent way to promote your expertise, stay top of mind with contacts and attract new prospects. However, simply doing a presentation won’t get you very far. Instead, you should take advantage of an array of marketing channels to help you reach the right people. One of the most cost-effective and successful of these is LinkedIn. Whether you are hosting your own seminar/webinar or speaking at an event organized by a third party, here are a few ways you can leverage LinkedIn:

1. Create an Event on LinkedIn. On your home page where you have the box to ‘Start a Post,’ there is an option that says Event. Click it and follow the instructions. You will also find Events on the left sidebar of your homepage. Just click on the + sign next to Events. Once you create an event, you can invite your connections, share your event as a post in your feed, send a message to people you think would be interested and easily share it on Facebook and Twitter. Importantly, you can create an event from your individual profile and/or your company page if you have admin access.

Note that not all LinkedIn users are eligible to broadcast live content on LinkedIn Live or LinkedIn Audio Events.

2. Share your event on your personal LinkedIn page and company page. As noted above, if you created the event on LinkedIn, on your event page there are options to share your event as a post. However, if you didn’t create a LinkedIn event, you can still create a post from your homepage.

3. Create multiple posts about your event beforehand. For example:

– Post related content that highlights why this topic is important to your audience and what they need to know. This information can be your original content or third-party content that would be of interest to your audience.

– Develop a survey that you can promote on LinkedIn and provide the results at the program. This can increase interest in your event and help inform your presentation with audience feedback. There are many simple and inexpensive survey tools like SurveyMonkey or you can just create a series of polls in your LinkedIn posts. To create a poll, click on the text box to Start a Post on your home page. You will see … at the bottom of the box. Click the dots to see the option to Create a poll and follow the instructions.

– Ask people to submit questions in advance. They can include them as comments to your post or send you a direct message.

– Feature the organization hosting the event, sponsors or your co-presenters. Create a post and mention them by name by typing “@theirname”. LinkedIn will give you a dropdown with possible matches to the name you typed. Pick the right one and LinkedIn will create a hyperlink to the page of the person/organization and notify them that you mentioned them in a post. Hopefully, they will like or comment on your post which means that their contacts now may see your post, thus expanding your reach.

– Share marketing materials and posts created by the event organizers, sponsors and co-presenters. Make sure you mention them when you share it so they are aware.

4. After the event, create multiple posts.

– Write a LinkedIn post with a recap of the event with the main takeaways.

– Provide the PowerPoint or selected slides from the program.

– Share photos from the program.

– Repurpose the program into related content (e.g., articles, eBooks, white papers, blog posts, infographics, etc.)

– If the program was recorded, provide instructions on how to access the recording or create short video clips with key points. Get it transcribed to make it easier to repurpose the content into written material.

5. Use relevant hashtags to expand your reach. Research hashtags that relate to your topic and/or audience and include them in all of your LinkedIn posts. Generally, you want to use 3-5 hashtags in your posts and look for ones with 2000 to 10,000 followers so you are hitting a sizeable audience but aren’t lost in a sea of other posts. Hashtags make your event more discoverable because those interested in a topic will follow the hashtags.

6. Encourage your employees to share the event and your posts on their LinkedIn pages. The more people promoting the program, the better.

7. Post information about the event to relevant LinkedIn groups. Check the group’s rules to determine if you are allowed to share a post about your webinar/seminar. In many cases, it will be allowed provided it is educational.

8. Consider using LinkedIn Ads to promote your event to a wider audience. LinkedIn Ads allow you to target people based on job title, industry, location, and other criteria, but it can be costly, so consider the ROI.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to promote your public speaking but not the only tactic you should use. For the best results, market your program using multiple channels. For more tips, check out these related posts:

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