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How to get more clients like your “best” clients

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All clients are not created equally. While we know that, many of us actively pursue any client rather than focusing on a specific “ideal or best client.” Here are a few steps to help you identify what kind of clients you really want and how you can get more of them:

1. Identify your “best” existing and past clients. Are they the highest revenue generators? Most profitable? Give you the work you most enjoy? Your definition of the best does not have to be the same as other people’s.

2. Create a client profile or buyer persona. You need to understand as much about the clients you want as possible. Develop a client profile with information on how to find them and what they care about to guide your marketing.

3. Prioritize your efforts. Put your existing clients into A, B, and C buckets – with A being the best and C being the ones that take more time than they are worth. Focus on the As, but also try to make Bs into As and let go of Cs to free up your time.

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