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How to get employees to help market your firm

Republished with Permission by RDT Content Marketing LLC

Do you find that only a few people at your firm engage in marketing? It is a huge missed opportunity not to get more employees involved in marketing. Everyone doesn’t have to be a rainmaker, but they can contribute. Here are some ways to encourage their efforts and give them the tools to succeed.
1. Offer lots of choices. Some people enjoy networking at parties, but others may prefer getting involved in an organization or charity, writing articles, helping with social media or other activity.

2. Give them training. Bring in trainers or send employees to seminars so they can learn how to network, improve their public speaking, use social media, and other necessary skills.

3. Use a carrot and stick approach. It’s always best to incentivize employees to want to market. However, if marketing isn’t a requirement at the firm, many employees will opt-out so there must also be a consequence for not participating.

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