How marketing can grow your business

Republished with permission from RDT Content Marketing LLC

A recent conference on growing your business highlighted why so many companies have trouble effectively marketing and increasing revenue. Some of the lessons from the program are especially important for professional services firms who are typically led by practitioners untrained in long-term business planning.

In thinking about the future and where to focus their marketing efforts, firms should consider the following: 

  1. Analyze how you make money. 

Know which types of matters are the most profitable. They may or may not be the ones generating the highest revenue.

  1. Figure out who are your best and worst clients and client types.

Clients are not equally valuable. Focus on leveraging your best clients and finding more of them, while actively eliminating your C list clients who take up your resources with little gain.

  1. Determine where your growth should come from.

Is it from going into new markets, providing new services, getting more business from existing clients, pricing, or another way?


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