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Helping People — Helps Your Business

Republished with permission by RDT Content Marketing LLC.

There’s the old adage that it’s better to give than to receive. Many people believe that in their personal life, but few seem to carry that idea into their business life. Helping people in a business setting is just as important and can reap substantial rewards personally and financially so consider some of these ways you can give back to your contacts:

1. Ask how you can help. How can you really assist someone if you don’t know what they need? Do they want an introduction to a specific person or type of person, spread the word about an event, get an internship for their child or something else?

2. Share information from or about your contacts. When you share, like or comment on other people’s content on social media or in emails, your network will see it, so it gives your contact extra exposure which will be appreciated (and often reciprocated).

3. Provide helpful content. Everyone likes getting free advice and it feels good to educate and help others. In addition, when you offer people genuinely useful information, they are more likely to remember you, see you as credible and knowledgeable, and trust you. So regularly share your tips and advice through writing and speaking.

It’s the season of giving so give back to your contacts. The rewards will be worth it.

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