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March 5, 2015

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Noted Massachusetts Nature Photographer to Exhibit in Shirley

DanielSenie Headshot
Photographer Daniel Senie

Photographer Daniel Senie is devoted to documenting the irreplaceable natural wonders of the Earth. This is an enterprise crucial to the public’s understanding and appreciation of our natural environment, especially now that the global climate just might be going a trifle haywire.

“We are impacting the climate,” Senie says, and “climate and weather are not the same.” Though he has a huge volume of work that includes underwater photos of the Caribbean and other areas, his wildlife work has been done primarily in New England. Yet he puts even the whole Earth in perspective for his viewers. “One shot I plan to include is of the Milky Way. Another is of the moon. These both are reminders that we are just a tiny dot in the Galaxy. We might not want to destroy our only home.”

Senie will exhibit some of his finest work at the The Bull Run in Shirley on March 15. Now based in Bolton, Senie has lived in, and photographed, many diverse environments. He grew up in both the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts and the concrete canyons of New York City. But his most recent work focuses on the unspoiled wilderness.

“Scenic and wildlife photography has been my primary interest for many years,” he says. “Capturing the beauty of nature in the large and small scale is a way to remind viewers to slow down and look around in this hectic world.” But he’s interested in more than just capturing individual moments with the camera. He wants to show his viewers how the wild creatures that he photographs fit into the bigger picture of all life on the planet. “Images should tell a story,” he says, articulating what could serve as his artistic credo.

The artist has added an abstract dimension to the naturalistic style of his scenes of the great outdoors over the last few years. He is fascinated with “the interplay of light, shadow and reflection,” always seeking to create images that are “truly magical.”

Senie has been taking pictures since he was a kid, when he saved up his allowance to buy a 35-millimeter SLR. Yet he is no stranger to the other arts. When not found with a camera in hand, he’s liable to be holding a guitar or a harmonica. He and his wife, Faith, perform regularly around Central Mass, singing their own original songs and select covers.

This event will take place at The Bull Run, 215 Great Road, Shirley, Mass., on Sunday, March 15, 2 – 5 p.m.

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