[Gallery Sitka] Event Review : 80th Regional Exhibition of Art & Craft Show at Fitchburg Art Museum

By Yamileyka Rojas


Following tradition, Fitchburg Art Museum’s doors have been opened for the annual summer show, known simply and affectionately as “the Regional Show.” The exhibition gives the area’s artists a place to share their work and reconnect with each other and with art lovers in neighboring communities.

The museum was established in 1925 (as the Fitchburg Art Center) by artist and collector Eleanor Norcross, the daughter of the first mayor of Fitchburg. She was well-known as a painter as far afield as Paris, where her paintings were exhibited annually during her professional career. In 1951 the center was renamed the Fitchburg Art Museum, an institution esteemed throughout New England for its collection housed at 185 Elm Street in Fitchburg.

June 28 marked the 80th Regional Exhibition of Art & Craft, showcasing the talent and craftsmanship of artists throughout the region. Spectators and potential purchasers may pleasantly find a diverse assortment of art forms, including ceramics, painting, photography and sculpture.

This year’s First Prize and solo show exhibit award for Summer 2015 was presented to Fitchburg resident Linnette Vázquez Polanco. Her drawings — “A Look Says More Than a Thousand Words” and “That Look” — vividly capture the beauty and mystery within the human eye.

Gallery Sitka artists Colette A. Shumate Smith and David L. Smith were featured at the exhibition with “Dancing Fancies,” “Ducks in a Row” and “Face West.” The Smith duo was in fine form for the show, with David Smith displaying his craft skills and creative vision in ready-made art. “Dancing Fancies” incorporates the symbolic disco ball held above robust wings, while below it are mirrors imaging iconic faces. Each face is famous for a different reason, perhaps as a commentary on how far you may fly with passion and boldness. “Ducks in a Row” demonstrates the artist’s dexterity as he transforms tangible objects into something unexpected. He creates a table in the form of a duck with a mirror surface symbolizing water. “Face West,” by Colette Smith, boasts her abilities as a well-rounded artist. Though she is known for her beautiful paintings, “Face West” exemplifies her exceptional skill set in ceramics.

The Regional Exhibition of Art and Craft will continue to be on display through Sept. 6. The artworks displayed at this exhibition are for sale, with proceeds benefitting the Fitchburg Art Museum. Visit http://www.fitchburgartmuseum.org for hours of operation and varied admission prices.

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