Flat Earth Social Club & Nicola Favvichio

Sitka is thrilled to mention the design of three CD covers for two groups.

The first is a CD by a group called the Flat Earth Social Club. Their on-line release is called Arc.

The second two CDs are by Nicola Favvichio, called Ascoltare and Prendere Memoria di.

The images used in these designs come from two places. The euro-image of the guy comes from a restaurant above a mall in Frankfurt, Germany. This image was shot during an October sampling of German apple wine. The guy was too hot to pass up, though we have no idea who he is…
The second image, The Grand Canyon, is from our friend Nate Sprague, taken whilst road-tripping. We thought it a great visual to go with the meaning of the CD Asoltare – to listen. The hat wearing person in the image is Niko Ewing.

So, until June…

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