[Ecuador] Ecuadorian Butterfly Exhibit @ Jardines del Malecón Simón Bolívar

Sitka Creations is pleased to present our first blog post from Guayaquil, Ecuador! We welcome Tirzah De Franco to our team of International Art + Culture Bloggers. A former Tennessee native, Tirzah has now been living and working in Ecuador for over a decade!

Ecuadorian Butterfly Exhibit @ Jardines del Malecón Simón Bolívar
By Tirzah De Franco

It is estimated that one fourth of ALL Butterfly species in the world are found in Ecuador. To enjoy them, one normally has to hike out into the mountains and surrounding forest. Recently however, those of us who live in the city had the opportunity to enjoy the butterflies without even leaving our town. In Guayaquil, Ecuador, at the gardens beside the boardwalk, there was an exhibition in which butterflies were shown. Maybe you are thinking they were shown lifeless, in little glass boxes or tanks. Wrong! The exhibition team made a huge netted area in the gardens, so that visitors entered and the butterflies of numerous sizes and colors, fluttered around them freely. We observed the butterflies in a lush natural environment, surrounded by plants and flowers. A true butterfly garden in the city!

(See photos. All photos by Tirzah De Franco.)

Ecuadorian Butterfly

Ecuadorian Butterfly

Ecuadorian Butterfly

Jardines del Malecón Simón Bolívar (Malecon Simon Bolivar Gardens)
July 9th – August 16th.
Guayaquil, ECUADOR

For more information on Ecuadorian Butterflies:
Includes information such as why the butterflies “choose” Ecuador, images and current research.

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