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Do’s and don’ts for successful networking

Republished with permission by RDT Content Marketing LLC

Many of us struggle with networking so it helps to get a few pointers. Rule number one is that networking is not about selling your services or getting people to help you. Networking should focus on building long-term relationships. To that end, these tips are inspired by some networking pros I know.

Do network with a purpose. What do you want to accomplish? Who do you want to meet? Know before you go so you maximize your efforts. 

Don’t talk too much. The best way to build relationships is to ask questions, listen carefully and don’t monopolize someone’s time. 

Do use social media. Have a strong LinkedIn profile, invite new contacts, review their profile and contacts, and look at what they are sharing on social media for opportunities to stay in touch. 

Don’t forget to ask how you can help. The key to building strong relationships is to give first. Be sincere and proactive, make connections and share useful information.

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