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Key Take-Aways:

Notes from The Design Bloggers Conference in LA 2018!
I decided to summarize as much as I could for our blog and for our social media clients. You can all read this in your spare time and as always, Sitka Creations will do our best to stay on top of the newest new and keeping your pages active and alive.
Houzz – This is a great tool for anyone in interiors or construction or construction related services. You should have a page here. It is good for branding, lead generation, getting reviews and more! Like all other social, you need a cover image, a great description and organized projects for viewers to see.
Generally “Idea Books” are good for Google. They said, again and again, to spend time on great images!
For anyone in these fields — you should be spending a couple hours a week on Houzz. You should be very responsive!
Shoots should be planned.
A walk-through should be done the day before.
Food and Breaks should be planned into the schedule.
When posting photography – everyone should be credited.
Clients should not be present on shoots.
There should be no distractions.
Have a shot list in advance.
Do 2 shoots in one day to save on costs.
Styling should be done before the shoot.
Lighten all photos.
For getting published in magazines or in other locations:
Publishers want good, professional, exclusive photography. 
If anyone is trying to get press, I had some other tips on pitching a story, let me know if you need that info.
Bloggers get 60% of their income from ads.
Banner ads are passive content – so, there is no reason not to do it.
Learn to connect with and sell other brands that you love.
Write “evergreen” content or content that will not get dated and can be reused again and again.
Use income funnels / Sponsored content – make your content pay for itself.
You should have a website.
Know your audience – to gain other editors.
What is your EPC? (“Earning per click”) – this is an indicator of how well you are doing and will be something a brand/editor will want to know to decide to work with you or not.
If anyone is doing this and needs more info. let me know – I have a list of companies to check out and more details for those of you who are working with affiliate marketing.
Social Media Tips:
Stay inspired.
Use an editorial calendar.
Schedule in time for social media.
Collect content every time you leave your home or office.
Keep and use good style filters for Instagram and/or other platforms.
Be active, contributing and responsive.
Schedule time to sit and respond to everyone, like you would to email.
Own your voice.
For grabbing the attention of millennials:
You should be active on all platforms.
Your grid should be active, re. Instagram.
Partner with Influencers
Tell a great story
Keep the branding consistent
Have a style guide
Know when not to post
Follow techcrunch and stay up-to-date
Know your Google Analytics
Be consistent
Have a story
Look good
Pictures are very important – get professional images and always look the part/look like your brand and what you want to present.
Write your qualities down and let those guide you in your brand process.


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