Client PR : Polytex, Bronx, NY Launches Flexo Primer


September 11, 2015

Contact: Bob Waddington — 718.402.3057 ext. 332


Polytex Sets a New Industry Standard with 7.4295, a New Flexo Primer for UV Inkjet


BRONX, N.Y. — Bob Waddington, Technical Service Manager at Polytex Environmental Inks, likes to stress the innovative research and development that Polytex specializes in. The water-based and energy-curable inks the company excels at producing are now sharing the spotlight with new products such as 7.4295, a new flexo primer for use with UV-curable inkjet printers.

This new Polytex product “provides a solid foundation for sharp, product-resistant printing,” says Mr. Waddington. 7.4295 is an excellent fixative that is “resistant to water, mild detergents, and even some solvents.” One of the main functions of the primer is to ensure efficient drying and to create crisp, eye-catching prints that keep clients satisfied and coming back.

Pre-primed substrates are expensive, and most printers want to expand sales, not costs. Luckily, 7.4295 can be applied to many conventional (and more economical) substrates and help control ever-mounting expenses.

In testing the new primer, Polytex was very excited to find that digitally printed images became completely water-immersible when printed on it. “Images printed on top of 7.4295 looked identical to images printed with a conventional flexo printing press,” Mr. Waddington reports. This new primer is unique in today’s marketplace, because a relatively thin film provides very robust performance, the kind printers usually associate with gravure-applied primers.

7.4295 is a water-based, flexo-applied primer ideal for UV inkjet printing. It can also run on gravure or rod coaters, and will perform well on BOPP paper and other substrates designed for flexo printing. A 4-6 BCM anilox roller is recommended for most applications. 7.4295 dries very fast but does not harden up on anilox rollers or tint sleeves if left idle for a few minutes. It is resoluble, and washes up easily with mild anilox cleaners. The primer cures to a neutral finish and is suitable for printing on clear substrates. It will not dull or haze clear film.

As a global leader in environmentally sound and sensible inks, Polytex is now expanding and preparing to offer an even more comprehensive suite of printing industry products. Bob Waddington can be reached at, and at 718.402.3057 ext. 332.

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