Sitka Creations™ Client List 2012:

Some of our Social Media and other Design Studio clients are not listed here, in keeping with confidentiality agreements — but our other terrific clients are as follows:


Onega Appraisal [Leominster, MA]
4 Keepsakes Photography [Martha’s Vineyard]
NYC BNI Chapter 3 [NYC]
Carlsbad Window Cleaning [Carlsbad, CA]
Christine Isherwood [Martha’s Vineyard]
Freiberg and Peck, LLP [NYC]
Varier USA [Needham, MA]
Edible Queens [Astoria, NYC]
Island Estates [Martha’s Vineyard]
Jennifer Klein Massage [Martha’s Vineyard]
Katama General [Martha’s Vineyard]
Kerry Quinlan-Potter owner of The Collection MV and Newburyport and Real Estate Broker [Martha’s Vineyard]
Legend Homes [Nashville, TN]
Let Me Do That [Martha’s Vineyard]
Lighthouse Properties [Martha’s Vineyard]

Massage by Heather [Bristol, RI]
Chef Melody Stazzone [NYC]
Miranda Inzunza [NYC and Boston]
Mouse and Men [NYC]
Pediatrics 2000 [NYC]
Redwood Window Cleaning [San Fransico, CA] [Nashville, TN]
Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing [Long Island, NY]
Sparkle Window Cleaning [Martha’s Vineyard]
Tiny Tasters [Dublin, Ireland]
Transform Fitness [NYC]
Seth Williams Plumbing and Heating [Martha’s Vineyard]
The Yoga Barn [Martha’s Vineyard]
We also have several hosting clients in Brazil and one account in Canada.