Sitka Creations was named after the Sitka Spruce and the City of Sitka on Baranof Island in Alaska.

The name Sitka is a native Tlingit word derived from Sheet’ká, a contraction of the Tlingit Shee At’iká and means “People on the Outside of Baranof Island.
Sitka Creations’ founder was struck by the coastal beauty of this Island and the grace of the Sitka Spruce, while living near coastal Islands in Maine, and decided on this name as a way to give width, breathe and roots to the idea of a design studio, long before a team was built.

Sitka Creations® LLC, a design studio, was created in 2002 in Rockland, Maine, by a graphic designer trained in Nashville, Tennessee, Providence, Rhode Island, and Budapest, Hungary. Sitka Creations® LLC then set up a studio on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Sitka Creations® LLC was based in New York City from 2009 until early in 2012. Sitka Creations® LLC is now based in Central Massachusetts. Below is the team.

Tamar Russell-Brown

Managing Owner

A Tennessee native with Hungarian roots, Mrs. Russell Brown’s background is in print design. Her father is a bookbinder and printer in the Bowling Green, Kentucky. Mrs. Russell Brown has a certificate in photography from Cumberland University in Tennessee, an associate degree in visual communication from Nashville State Technical Institute, a Bachelor of Arts in design from Rhode Island College and a year abroad at Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem in Budapest, Hungary. Mrs. Russell Brown operates the home studio for Sitka Creations® LLC in Central Massachusetts.


Jerry Kahn

Copy Writer & Editor

Jerry Kahn is a native of the Cleveland (Ohio) area. He graduated from Cleveland State University with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and relocated to New York City in 1987. Mr. Kann has worked primarily as a copywriter, editor, and proofreader in publishing and advertising. He is the author of two plays — Let’s Have the War on Wednesday and Take Me Back to Purgatory — and many articles on independent, progressive politics. Jerry has been with Sitka Creations® LLC since 2009.


Diana Tamburri

Illustrator & Social Media Writer

Diana Tamburri has a BFA in Illustration from UMass Dartmouth and a passion for all forms of storytelling — which is good, because in addition to drawing, she also does a lot of writing here at Sitka Creations! Diana works in both traditional and digital media to create original art assets for clients, and creates and manages content for a variety of social media platforms. 


Stephanie Buda

Graphic Designer & Print Manager

Stephanie Buda has a bachelor’s degree in Communications Media, Graphic Design from Fitchburg State University. With a history of working in pre-press since her summers in college, her main passion and interests include print design/layout and typography. Stephanie’s secondary focus is on task management; helping create and manage content for clients for various social platforms. Her more hands-on skills include working letterpresses, typesetting by hand, and bookbinding. Stephanie has been with Sitka Creations® LLC since the Spring of 2018.


Rae Mullet

Web Developer

Rae Mullet completed her bachelor’s degree in Communications Media from Fitchburg State University in 2019. Rae started as an intern at Sitka Creations® LLC and has been on the team since the Spring of 2019. Rae manages websites for our clients, making updates to their websites when needed and keeping the back-end of their websites up to date. She is also responsible for building new websites and making adjustments to existing websites at the client’s request. Rae is proficient with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and HTML.


Taylor Bourgeois

Social Media Account Manager & Junior Designer

Taylor Bourgeois has spent time in Fitchburg, Massachusetts where she received a degree in Professional Communications; with minors in Art and Graphic Design from Fitchburg State University in 2020. Taylor’s craftsmanship background and her easygoing mindset influence her minimalist and handmade graphic design style. Her art background has given her an eye for aesthetics and has shown through when creating color palettes for pieces. Taylor started as an intern at Sitka Creations® LLC and joined the team in late 2020.


Joanna Belanger

Social Media Coordinator & Account Manager

Ms. Belanger is a Massachusetts native. She adores the beauty of the outdoors, so any free time she has is spent either rock climbing or hiking. In 2016 she found instant joy working in social media marketing and producing website content for a day spa in the heart of Worcester, MA. She started working with Sitka Creations in the summer of 2020 and, says, “I’m feeling blessed to be working with this team of strong, creative, and inspiring women!”


Kelly Bornt

NY Regional Director & Social Media Account Manager

Kelly Bornt is a native of the Adirondack Mt area in Upstate NY. After a decade working in Providence, RI in 2009 she relocated to Thailand and later Vientiane, Laos.
Ms. Bornt has worked as an entrepreneur since the late 90’s, establishing her own diverse business portfolio. She has helped other entrepreneurs for over 20 years grow their businesses in NY, RI and Southeast Asia. After returning to NY in 2021 she now manages the NY regional office for Sitka Creations located in Saratoga Springs.
A passionate supporter of the arts; Kelly has been a longtime investor in Gallery Sitka. Her primary role is in sales and marketing for Sitka Creations with Art sales for Gallery Sitka.


Rachel Caron

Web Developer & SEO Specialist


Elena Kehoe

Social Media Junior Graphic Designer

Elena Kehoe is a Massachusetts native. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications Media and Graphic Design with a minor in Professional Writing from Fitchburg State University in 2021. Starting as an intern at Sitka Creations® LLC in June 2021, she made an impact on our team. Elena was thus hired in April 2022 to work in our design department.

Able to boast about an artistic family background, Elena loves to incorporate traditional media alongside digital techniques in her graphic design. Elena also loves helping clients execute their creative visions. She finds that design is like a combination of solving puzzles and expressing creativity. She believes creativity is found in all areas of life. So when she’s not designing, she enjoys drawing, riding and working with horses, reading fiction, and writing stories and poems.