A month later

Sitka is still working our home site. Always more places to go…

We are thrilled however to again be working in cooperation with Tanya Felix of Tonijn in Providence, RI on several jobs and with our good friend Dragan Dimic for web collaboration.

Sitka is in the final stages of the production of a CD for Anne Brownell of Voice Movement Therapy in Oak Bluffs and has several new projects in process. Among those are a new brochure for UVitec in NJ, some new up-dated items for Betsy’s Hands Reflexology here on the Island and the annual summer newsletter/schedule for Featherstone Center for the Arts. A few things are in the wings, including some possible sites. We will keep our fingers crossed and our eyes forward for up-coming jobs.

We have enlisted copy editing assistance from Julie Roads and another local VH friend.

Soon this blog will also contain some local info on music and art. We hope you all stay tuned.

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