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6 Proven Ways to Use Video to Level-Up Digital and Content Marketing

Republished with permission by RDT Content Marketing LLC

Visualizing your information makes it more interesting. Drive your audience back to your site with short 2-3 minutes videos with high


1. Thought Leadership on Social Media and YouTube:

• Ask yourself, what does the audience want? What should your channel look like? Where do you start?
What are the problems you must overcome beforehand?
• Create timely ads with shorter videos that are more likely to hold the audience’s attention.
• Have conversational content that allows the audiences to engage more.
• Make your main focus your targeted audience and not your brand.
This will help determine what kind of content will get more clicks.
• Through a series, allow people to keep coming back and encourage people to subscribe to your channel.
• Create videos that inform your audience, but don’t make them feel like they are being sold to.
• Create categories and optimize your videos. Make it easier for your audiences to find related videos.

2. Educational Videos for Content and Inbound Marketing:

• Understand what you’re covering and address those topics.
• Promote and prioritize information and the audiences.
• Let your words do the work. Go back and look for key words and SEO topics that people are looking for.
• Retouch upon older situations and bring them back to life in a video form.
• Make your video content productive and short. If needed, split the video up into two or more videos.

3. ‘Show Me’ Demo Videos on Your Website:

Things to take into consideration:
• What are your key concepts?
• What is the main call to action?
• Where are you going to start?
• Who are your buyers and what is the last thing they want to do?
• How can incorporating a video help when buyers don’t want to have to call and talk to people?
Adding in a video generates new leads and people and you can pick and choose what works and track sales and productivity.

4. Videos to Answer FAQs and to Clearly Show-and-Tell:

• Focus on making videos that answers the most asked questions, such as: How does this feature really work?
How does your pricing work? Can you show me how you do that? Etc…
• Show your audience what makes your company unique.
• Videos are more transparent and allow companies to gain trust of their clients.
• Videos can be quicker for the clients and more efficient.

5. Videos in Email Marketing and Nurtures to Engage and Convert:

• With videos in emails, you can embed a thumbnail within the email body as a call to action.
• Incorporate it into the subject line about having a video to explain things better.
• Don’t place videos directly into emails as it will usually be too big and not get as many clicks.
• Track engagement in video to qualify the most engaging leads.

6. Customer Stories to Support the Decision-Making Process:

• Videos with real customers bring their experiences to life and place a face with the statements to make their statements
more believable.
• Personal videos about your clients, what they wanted, and how a situation turned out give other clients more
reason to trust your line of work.
Now is the time to get going! Make video a part of your tool set


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