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6 Marketing Musts for the Summer

Republished with permission by RDT Content Marketing LLC

While summer can offer a slower pace for many firms, most of us can’t afford to forget about marketing for a few months. Summer can be a good time to take on marketing-related tasks that often get neglected but can pave the way for better results for the remainder of the year and beyond.

1. Mid-year checkup. We’re 6 months into the year. What have you done to market your business? What has worked and what hasn’t? Are you on track to meet your goals for the year? What should you be doing differently? If you did not set goals at the start of the year, set them now.

2. Work on your contact database. Leverage staff and interns or hire students to help create or clean up your database. If you don’t have a database, now is the time to build one, especially for email

3. Attend summer networking events. During the summer, many groups go on hiatus, but not all of them. Those that have events often schedule more casual networking which may bring out different people than ordinarily attend the regular networking events.

4. Update your website and social media profiles. Verify your credentials and activities are up to date including memberships, new positions, writing and speaking, publicity, awards, etc. Also, go to the My Network tab on LinkedIn and check out suggestions of people you could connect to and add a personal note if you send them an invitation. You can also email them to further build the connection.

5. Create evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that doesn’t go out of date quickly. Develop blog posts, articles, video or other content that you can use months or even years from now, so you have material you can promote when you don’t have time to create something new.

6. Get into the habit of marketing. If it seems like you are always too busy to market, start with a small commitment of time every week. It doesn’t matter how much time you set aside but pick a set amount and keep to it even if it’s 15 minutes. Then gradually add more time as you get comfortable with your efforts. Little things add up.

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