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12 Strategies To Heat Up Your Firm’s Marketing This Summer

Republished with Permission from RDT Content Marketing, LLC

Summer can present some unique opportunities to market your firm. Work and networking events may have slowed giving you and your staff more free time. Or, you may be able to get additional resources like interns or part-time employees. While it’s true many people go on vacation, there are also plenty of prospects, clients and referral sources around that you can market to during the summer. So, don’t neglect your marketing. Try these strategies instead:

1. Review and refine your marketing. Take stock of your marketing efforts year to date. What strategies have worked, and which ones have fallen short? Set aside time to evaluate your progress towards annual goals or establish them if you haven’t already. Prepare a written marketing plan if you don’t have one to serve as your roadmap.

2. Build relationships through one-on-one meetings. Summer offers an ideal time to meet with contacts. The purpose is to nurture relationships so don’t go into a meeting to ask for referrals. Find out how you can help your contact; that person will naturally reciprocate. But be prepared to say what you may want from the person.

3. Update, clean and consolidate your contact database. Use the summer months to work on your contact database, ensuring your data is complete, consistent and up-to-date. Segment contacts by relevant categories to better target your marketing. Leverage interns or part-time staff to assist with this task.

4. Develop evergreen content. Invest time in creating content that stays relevant and provides value to your audience for a long time. This evergreen content can then be used during busier periods in the year when creating fresh material is challenging.

5. Repurpose existing content. Don’t overlook the treasure trove of content you’ve already created. Repurpose blog posts, articles, presentations and videos to breathe new life into them. This also helps extend your reach and reinforce your key messages.

6. Go to summer networking events. While some networking groups may take a hiatus, others host informal gatherings during the summer months. Take advantage of these casual events to expand your network and forge new connections. The diverse attendee mix can lead to unexpected opportunities.

7. Invest in continued learning. Summer provides an excellent opportunity to invest in your professional development. Read marketing or business-related books, subscribe to relevant newsletters, or explore industry blogs for fresh insights and inspiration to fuel your business growth.

8. Host educational programs (in person or online). Take advantage of the quieter summer months to host programs for your clients or target audience. These sessions not only provide value to participants but also position your firm as a thought leader in the field. Even better, collaborate with a complementary business on a joint program to expand your audience.

9. Showcase your firm culture. Summer is a great time to share your firm’s culture by posting about team outings, company picnics or volunteer activities on social media platforms. This helps humanize your firm with potential clients and prospective employees.

10. Refresh your website and online presence. Use the summer months to give your website and online presence a refresh. Update content, optimize for search engines, and ensure that your branding is consistent across all digital platforms. A visually appealing and user-friendly website can make a significant impact on attracting and retaining clients.

11. Conduct client surveys or feedback sessions. Seek feedback from your clients through surveys or one-on-one conversations to gauge satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement. Summer’s slower pace can provide an opportunity for more in-depth discussions. Use these insights to refine your services and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

12. Support community events or causes. Get involved in community events or charitable causes that align with your firm’s values. Sponsor local festivals, fundraisers or volunteer initiatives to demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact beyond your business. Engaging with the community fosters goodwill and strengthens your firm’s reputation.

Marketing has a cumulative impact and requires consistency throughout the year. Keep up your marketing efforts by incorporating these strategies during the summer.

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