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10 Steps to Social Media Success

Republished with Permission from RDT Content Marketing LLC

Do you have a social media strategy? If not, you’re likely to waste time and money. Whether you are just getting started or trying to improve your results, follow these steps to be more successful:

1. Identify and research your target audience. Who do you want to reach? What are their demographics, interests and pain points? Your content and tactics must focus on your most important audience(s).

2. Check out your competitors. Which platforms are they using and what kind of content are they posting? You shouldn’t copy them but it is important to evaluate your competition and look for where you can improve on what they are doing or offer something different.

3. Create a library of content. What topics will resonate with your audience? Concentrate on developing ‘evergreen’ content that doesn’t go out of date and can be reused multiple times. Topical content can be added into the mix as needed.

4. Promote your social media channels. How are you increasing connections and followers? Add your social media links to your email signature, website and digital marketing. Cross-promote between social sites. Invite new and existing contacts to follow or connect with you.

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