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We Do Design. Beyond Ideas. Designed Ideas.

Sitka Creations™ is a graphic design studio that specializes in artistically rendered graphic solutions in a variety of media. We work with a wide range of clients and specialize in clean typography, flexibility, and design with an international flair. We offer graphic design, social media consulting, web design, photography, blog management services, email newsletter services and copy writing. We network and hold meetings in NYC and on Martha’s Vineyard.

Our studio in Shirley, MA also doubles as a gallery — Contact us to discuss art, photography, pottery or jewelry for your home or office, or gift items. Contact us today.

Call for appointments: 978.425.6290
Visit our Art Gallery: Gallery Sitka™ #SupportheArts


View some of the pieces from our Gallery.


We believe in Networking.


We love good design. How can we help you look designed?

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