From our Belgrade Blogger – Lidija Butkovic

Noć reklamoždera

Treći festival nauke
Third Science Festival Belgrade

Disney on Ice: Miki i Mini čudesno putovanje
Disney on Ice: Mickey & Minnie’s Amazing Journey

EXIBITION African Hair: Berber and Hairdresser Signs

Osmi festival italijanskog filma
8th Festival of Italian Film

15. Festival autorskog filma
15th Festival of Author Films

Holiday on Ice


Miroslav Ilić
Nouvelle Vague
Harlem Gospel Choir
Željko Vasić
The Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra
Massimo Savić
Olivera Katarina
Jelena Tomašević
Bajaga i Instruktori
Backstreet Boys
Saša Vasić
Boris Režak & Brass orchestra Pod sjajem zvezda
Haris Džinović
Zabranjeno pušenje


Euro in 2009 European and Independent Film Festival, Novi Sad
Radio festival 2009, Vrnjačka banja
Sales exibition of folk handicrafts, Gornji Milanovac
International Children’s Festival – Songs from Vojvodina, Srbobran

For detailed information on all events outside of Belgrade, please contact the Tourist organization of Serbia.

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November – MUST DO in Belgrade

From our Belgrade Blogger – Lidija Butkovic

Nedelja brazilske kulture
Brazilian Culture Week

“Slobodna zona” – Filmski festival
Free Zone – Film Festival

15. Festival pozorišnih predstava za decu - FESTIĆ
15th Festić – Children’s Theater Festival

15. Festival autorskog filma

50. Oktobarski salon
50th October Salon

FIST 05 – Festival internacionalnog studentskog teatra
FIST 05 – International Student Theater Festival


Eros Ramazzotti
Simple Minds
Tom Jones
Diana Krall
Brazil Tropical
Van Gogh
Slobodan Trkulja
Paul Diano (ex Iron Maiden)
Tommy Emanuel


Ruski balet
Russian Ballet


Novi Sad Jazz Festival, Novi Sad
Europian Day of Young Wine, Palić
Pie preparing Contest, Čačak
Auto Expo – Car Fair, Kragujevac
Sport & Equipment Fair, Kragujevac
Biennale “Lights of Milena Pavlović Barili”, Požarevac
Exhibition of ethnic souvenirs, Leskovac
Festival of Tambourine Music “Sava Vukosavljev”, Zmajevo

For detailed information on all events outside of Belgrade, please contact the Tourist organization of Serbia.

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Photo © Sitka Creations

This month our Belgrade blogger, Lidija Butković, takes us on a photo tour of Belgrade’s Zoo.

Wikipedia states “Belgrade Good Hope Garden (Serbian: Београдски врт добре наде) is a Zoo in Belgrade situated at the very center of the city, in the Kalemegdan park. It was founded in 1936 and it is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Europe.

It covers an area of 6 ha, and has 2,000 animals of 200 species, and besides wild animals it abounds in domestic animals too.

Its present look is contributed by many newly built facilities, new drinking-fountains, Wooden Sculpture Gallery, the work of the sculptor Vuk Bojović and a nursery for young animals – Baby Zoo. For its 60th anniversary it was enriched with a monument dedicated to its once most interesting and most famous resident – Sammy the chimpanzee, the first of its kind ever in this Zoo. The zoo suffered badly during the bombing of Belgrade in World War II when almost all animals were killed and its size was reduced to the size it is today.

We are glad to see that under the direction of Mr Vuk Bojovic, the Manager of the Belgrade Zoo, it is once again a brilliant jewel in Belgrade’s crown of many attractions. Enjoy!
-The Crew at Sitka

Photos by Lidija Butković and Stefan Pesic

For more information about the Zoo, including location, hours and events: (Serbian + English)

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo

Belgrade Zoo


From our Belgrade Blogger – Lidija Butkovic

Don’t miss SEPTEMBER’S highlights from SERBIA!

Belgrade of Light


43 BITEF 09

Jelen Pivo LIVE

Treći Salsa kongres Srbija 2009


Anna Marie D’Addarie
Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Anna Marie

“Living on the island isn’t for everyone. Thank God,” says Anna Marie D’Addarie. She washed ashore on Martha’s Vineyard 10 years ago with her husband, Don. A recent widow, a situation she does not recommend to anyone, Anna Marie is a free-lance writer who also works full-time for Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. Anna Marie volunteers in the community when she’s not working one of her many part-time jobs such as knitting instructor at Island Alpaca Co., House Manager at the Vineyard Playhouse, and Library Aide at the Oak Bluffs Public Library. Anna Marie considers her family and friends to be the greatest blessings in her life.

Lidija Butković
Belgrade, SERBIA

Lidija Butković

Lidija Butković is natural-born cosmopolite and incorrigible philanthropist; a (not) meant to be journalist and convinced polyglot. Addicted to chocolate and books. She adores good advertisements and ice-skating. Never misses the Belgrade Book Fair. Her favorite part of a day is the morning with a cup of Earl Grey. Lidija’s unfulfilled wish is to see the ocean. (We’ll get her to MV one of these days!) In her spare time she lives her life; when she grows up she wants to be a child!

Tirzah De Franco

Tirzah Russell

Tirzah De Franco is a Tennessee native who stumbled upon a new life in Ecuador. She has spent over a decade working in Ecuador and just might stay. When she is not teaching English she loves doing community work, spending time with the locals, and savoring their food, especially anything with peanut sauce in it. Her favorite place to be is out in the tropical mountains, rivers, or beaches.

Kelly Kidson
Vientiane, LAOS

Kelly Kidson

(Painting Credit: “Sid” by Sitka’s Owner, T.R.)

Along with editing blogs, Kelly is the Web Marketing Manager for Sitka Creations and part of it’s team of Web Designers. She welcomes your ideas or requests: or twitter @kellykidson

Kelly is originally from the Adirondacks of New York, spent over a decade in Rhode Island, was inspired by her travels in Eastern Europe (with Sitka’s owner) and later, Southeast Asia. An always-thinking-business-DIY-geek; she blends her previous corporate design and marketing experience with her various (rather un-related) grassroots start-up venture experiences. When not working on SITKA projects, her spare time is spent studying the Lao language, dabbling in freelance writing, exploring Laos via her scooter and camera lens. She has a preference for strong Turkish coffee and Pentel Needle Tip pens; in a world without money she would gladly work for either.

Martha’s Vineyard, MA


Alfred Rivera is an ever-so-close to nearing middle aged upstart and a career dishwasher bent on recycling pre-existing gentrified personalities, and strange things that he has heard on a bus into a pseudo-fabulous 155 pound mammalian box-set of yellowing teeth, speed-dialed wrong answers with tectonic slabs of over-confidence. ARIV can sometimes be found playing (music) in cafe’s and clubs on Martha’s Vineyard. We’ll keep you posted!

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Don’t miss these JULY events in SERBIA!

From our Belgrade Blogger – Lidija Butkovic

European Film Festival (Palic)

SOFEST (Sopot)

BELEF – Belgrade Summer Festival

Summer 3P (Palic)

EXIT FESTIVAL 2009 (Novi Sad)

Sesti beogradski celo fest


Carlos Santana 11 July
Sinead O’Connor 3 July
George Benson 23 July


Universiade Belgrade 2009

Volleyball World League Finals


From our Belgrade Blogger – Lidija Butkovic

Universiade Belgrade 2009

International Danube Day

Fish Fest 2009

Belgrade Omnibus

Cinema City – Film and Media Festival (Novi Sad)

Forest Fest

EtnoFest 2009 (Palić – Subotica)

TIBA Festival

SOFEST (Sopot)

Simply Red, June 26th

MAJ U BEOGRADU – May Events in Belgrade

From our Belgrade Blogger – Lidija Butkovic

Noć muzeja
Belgrade Design Week

The Crew at Sitka is happy once again to share a review from our own blogger Lidija Butkovic. Lidija covers all that’s happening in Art & Culture from her vantage point in Belgrade, Serbia. Thanks again Lidija!

The Belgrade Phantom
The Boy Who Shaked The System

The Belgrade Phantom

Based on a true story.
Review by Lidija Butkovic
Photo: Dom sindikata, Belgrade

Director: Jovan Todorović
Screenplay: Jovan Todorović, Bogdan Petković
Production: Emote productions, Belgrade / Tivoli-Film productions, Budapest / Camera Fx, Sofia
Cast overview: Milutin Milošević, Radoslav Milenković, Marko Živić
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 82 minutes
Country: Serbia
Trailer: The Belgrade Phantom Trailer
Distributor: Tuck
Premiere: March 29, 2009 at the Sava Center, Belgrade

During the last year of Tito’s rule, while the president of SFR Yugoslavia was in Cuba attending The Summit of Non-aligned Movement, a mysterious boy with a stolen white Porsche 911 appears in the Belgrade streets. For ten nights he drives through streets of the capital at over 200 kilometers an hour (124 MPH), contrary to traffic regulations, at times even driving in the opposite direction. Each night “The Phantom”, that was the nickname given him by the people, announces his route through the most popular Belgrade radio station “Studio B”. Each time futile, Yugoslav police – Narodna milicija – tries to catch him. Inspector Fanđo, with his Ford car, also joins in the chase of “The Phantom”. What started as a game has turned into a serious political problem.

For more information watch:
The Belgrade Phantom Trailer

Beogradski Fantom
Dečko koji je uzdrmao sistem

The Belgrade Phantom

Review by Lidija Butkovic
Dom sindikata, Beograd

Režija: Jovan Todorović
Scenario: Jovan Todorović, Bogdan Petković
Produkcija: Emote productions, Beograd / Tivoli-Film productions, Budapest / Camera Fx, Sofia
Uloge: Milutin Milošević, Radoslav Milenković, Marko Živić
Žanr: Triler
Trajanje: 82 minuta
Zemlja porekla: Srbija
Distributer: Tuck
Premijera: 29. mart 2009. Sava Centar, Beograd

Poslednje godine vladavine Tita, dok predsednik SFR Jugoslavije boravi na Kubi na Šestom samitu nesvrstanih, na ulicama Beograda se pojavljuje misteriozni dečko sa ukradenim poršeom. On deset dana juri ulicama glavnog grada brzinom i do 200 kilometara na čas, ne poštujući saobraćajne propise, vozeći i u suprotnom smeru. Svake večeri Fantom, kako ga je narod nazvao, najavljuje svoju maršrutu putem talasa tada najslušanije gradske radio stanice – “Studija B”. Svaki put tadašnja Narodna milicija bezuspešno pokušava da ga uhvati. U poteru se uključuje i inspektor Fanđo sa svojim fordom. Ono što je počelo kao igra prerasta u ozbiljan politički problem.

Film Beogradski Fantom snimljen je po istinitoj priči. Glavni junak, Vlada Vasiljević, avgusta 1979. godine, “pozajmljuje” automobil Porše Targa 911s poznatog jugoslovenskog tenisera Ivka Plećevića. Vlasnik prijavljuje krađu, ali je milicija sa svojim “zastavama” nemoćna. U zemlji u kojoj politička policija predstavlja stub socijalističkog jednopartijskig režima, njena nesposobnost dovodi u pitanje sposobnost čitavog sistema. Fantom postaje heroj grada koji svako veče dobija sve više simpatizera koji se masovno okupljaju kako bi ga podržali i navijali za njega. I baš ta masa, tih par hiljada ljudi, sprečiće njegovo hapšenje kada mu milicija bude postavila blokadu poslednje noći na trgu Slavija.

Iako je ovo prvenstveno igrani film, u njemu su se našli autentični intervjui i arhivski snimci. Snimanje je i počelo i završeno 2006. godine, ali je komplikovana postprodukcija zahtevala mnogo više vremena tokom kog su igrani delovi filma usklađivani sa arhivskim materijalom i intervjuima. Samo istraživanje trajalo je godinu dana.

Osnovnu emociju ekipe iza kamere više nego dobro izneli su nosioci glavnih uloga. Milutin Milošević (Fantom) je bez ijedne izgovorene reči, samo pogledom i pokretom, uspeo ne samo da oživi ovu urbanu legendu, već i da izrazi postojanje konstantnog prkosa u jednom mladom čoveku. Izuzetno zahtevnu ulogu imao je i Marko Živić (Fanđo) jer se “pravi” Fanđo, inspektor koji se trkao sa Vladom, pojavljuje u dokumentarnom delu filma. Zahvaljujući ubedljivom odgovoru na ovaj glumački izazov, Živića ubuduće sigurno treba mnogo ozbiljnije shvatati.
O Fantomu i njegovim vožnjama u filmu govore i Ivko Plećević – teniser kome je Vlada ukrao poršea, fotoreporter Ilija Bogdanović – jedini čovek koji je uspeo da uslika Fantoma, Marko Janković – novinar u čijoj je emisiji Vlada najavljivao svoje vožnje, kao i njegovi prijatelji i očevici događaja.

Autori su prilično verno rekonstruisali epohu i dočarali nam Beograd s kraja sedamdesetih godina. O kakvom i kolikom je poslu reč shvatiće svi oni koji su prestonicu posetili u poslednjih pet godina – veštom kompjuterskom obradom sa snimaka ulica uspešno su uklonjeni bilbordi i svetleće reklame.
Ipak, ono po čemu će se film najviše pamtiti jesu akcione scene jurnjave kolima po slabo osvetljenom Beogradu. Upravo je to ono što izdvaja Todorovićev film i pokazuje šta je moguće napraviti sa prilično ograničenim budžetom, ali odličnom ekipom i savršenim kapiranjem na relaciji režiser – glumac.

Ovo ostvarenje je dugo najavljivano i očekivano. Ali, što se retko dešava u srpskoj kinematografiji, čekanje se isplatilo. Film je iznedrio jednu novu generaciju, drugačiju ideju i pozitivan stav. Dočekali smo priču o jednom davno prošlom vremenu i jednom Beogradu koji više ne postoji; mit o dečku koji je uzdrmao jedan sistem, ali i priču o jednom narodu koji već tradicionalno proglašava herojima one čije je “čojstvo i junaštvo” prilično diskutabilno. Konačno, bio heroj ili samo dečko s asfalta, Vlada Vasiljević je nesporno (p)ostao urbana legenda.

Za više informacija pogledajte:
Youtube – Beogradski Fantom

APRIL U BEOGRADU – April Events in Belgrade

From our Belgrade Blogger – Lidija Butkovic

Međunarodni festival dugometražnog dokumentarnog filma
Šesti beogradski festival igre
Dani Beograda

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