March 29th, 2012

By Michala Smith | Edited by Jerry Kann

Martha’s Vineyard, MA — In the age of digital printers, we sometimes overlook the value of calligraphy—the fine art of writing by hand. Martha’s Vineyard Calligraphy has been providing calligraphy and handwriting services nationwide for over twenty years. Names, messages and greetings can be hand-sketched on anything from invitations and Thank You cards to wedding vows and marriage certificates. Nevenka Kovacevich, the owner of Martha’s Vineyard Calligraphy, is currently working on an original poem and is looking forward to a project involving hand-lettered song lyrics.








For pricing or to contact M.V. Calligraphy for your next event, check out Ms. Kovacevich’s website at, or email her at

January 24th, 2012

Mr Infamy and InfamyTV have been our client for roughly 2 years. We are happy to give you all a mini preview of their upcoming event.

By Michala Smith | Edited by Jerry Kann

Stratton, Vermont — If you are in the Stratton, Vermont, area and have a soft spot for hip-hop music, you should stop by the The Hip-Hop Open. The aptly named event will take place during the 2012 Burton U.S. Open on March 8th. The performers are all New England hip-hop artists. The group currently includes SinCity, Mr. Infamy, Carolina Black, and Dominik Omega. The event will take place at The Fat Spy Tavern, about a 30 minute drive from Stratton in Bondville, Vermont. If you need another reason to go besides your need to check out authentic underground hip-hop, then you must know that there will be free giveaways and incredible drink specials. Plus, a part of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of Hurricane Irene.

To RSVP and to view the event flier, go to

January 13th, 2012

By Michala Smith | Edited by Jerry Kann

New York , NY — Our friend, musician and olive oil connoisseur Michéal Castaldo, has created another musical masterpiece. His new album, Olive You (subtitled: Classic Italian Songs to Feed the Heart & Soul), releases on January 31st. It would make the perfect gift for “il suo amore” on Valentine’s Day. Directly from his press release:
The album’s lead single and critically acclaimed track, PRAY’R, has already garnered the No.1 spot on’s MP3 Classical Songs Chart in only three weeks from its initial release. Not only did Michéal grab the top single sales slot, he nudged out long-lived chart-toppers like Andrea Bocelli, Sara Brightman, Neil Diamond and Bette Midler. Also, PRAY’R hit’s No.1 positions on the Top Rated Classical Song and Hot New Releases in Classical charts.

You can purchase the MP3 download before the CD releases on For more information, go to his website at

November 23rd, 2011

By Michala Smith | Edited by Jerry Kann

Nashville, TN — Best Part Productions, Nashville’s newest film production company, is proud to announce its first set of independent films, created by our friend Chad McClarnon and his brother Trey.

As part of this innovative process of film creation, Best Part Productions is currently using Kickstarter—a new fund-raising platform named by Time magazine one of the best inventions of 2010—to raise the money necessary to submit these two Nashville movies to film festivals all over the world.

Kickstarter is based on a crowd-sourced funding model which seeks small-scale pledges from individuals instead of large sums from big investors or companies.

Though many Kickstarter projects use the funds they raise to finance production, BPP is requesting pledges to bring two completed works to wider audiences. Trey McClarnon is enthusiastic about this new method of financing: “The members of this team and the local businesses that have supported us believe that these are stories worth telling, and we are trying to raise money to make sure that they get told to as many people as possible.”

The two films from the McClarnon brothers have finished production but are not available for public viewing yet. But if you make a pledge, you can view exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Also, a pledge of at least $25 will get you HD digital copies of both movies, scheduled to be sent out to donors in March 2012.

Below is a Q&A with our friend Chad about the films and his transition from photography to motion pictures.

Was it easy transitioning from photography to film? What challenges did you face?

In a lot of ways, the processes are very similar. I’ve always been much more a fan of cinema than I am a fan of photography, so from an inspiration standpoint, the film aesthetic has been a part of my work all along. That being said, the business of filmmaking has thrown me a ton of curve balls so far—the cost of submitting to film festivals, obviously, being the latest. We expected it to be somewhat expensive, but didn’t expect the process of submitting two films to 37 festivals to cost nearly $6000. There have been several jaw-dropping moments like that over the past year, mostly concerning the cost of things. It’s an incredible time we live in though, with sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo giving small productions the ability to gather the funding needed while still maintaining creative control.

From a technical side, the equipment is essentially the same. There’s been a bit of a learning curve, especially when it comes to learning the editing softwares, but that’s a learning curve I’m very much accustomed to. In any visual arts field these days, a professional very quickly becomes adept at learning new gadgets. Learning the technical side of something has always been a joy for me.

What is your ultimate goal for these films?

My ultimate goal is very simple: I want to get them out in front of as many people as possible. I really don’t have any idea how that will manifest, but that’s definitely the goal. For short films, the best chance for that is film festivals, so we’re definitely hoping to be picked up by a few. Nearly 80-plus incredibly talented people have thrown their full weight behind getting these stories told, and we’re continuing to work as hard as we can to make sure these films get the opportunities that we all think they deserve.

If you want people to take one thing from these films, what would that feeling or their thoughts be after viewing “A New Life” and “without”?

[With a laugh.] Tough question! It’s a little different for each film. I obviously want a recognition of them being beautifully shot. Both Winston Hearn and Kris D’Amico (the Directors of Photography on these projects) did an amazing job with them.

As far each film individually… “A New Life” is really a story about the struggle between the responsibility to fulfill our obligations and the desire to pursue that which we are truly passionate about. It’s a balance that all of us have to find, but in that balance there’s a dangerous area full of fear and, essentially, self-doubt. The recognition of how important it is for us to recognize that place of fear and perfect that balance is a takeaway that I’d love to see from this film.

“without” explores a similar theme, but kind of in the reverse. And although the script for “without” was written on one late Friday night, only four hours before we shot the film, the writing team definitely layered it with some strong themes about modern relationships. There’s a schism in this country about what the definition of love can be, and this film subtly explores the problems that can arise with that.

Above all else, what we wanted with both of these films was for them to somehow ring true with the audience. No one wants to watch a narrative that builds and builds just to fall flat. We believe that we’ve succeeded there, and the true hope is that reactions from our audiences will validate that.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us at Sitka Creations and we can put you in direct contact with Chad McClaron. Follow him on Twitter @chadmcclarnon.

October 15th, 2011

New York, NY - Through our NYC networking ventures we managed to meet this wonderfully artistic and deep photographer Gaetano Salvadore. We are huge fans and think you should be as well.

Native New Yorker Gaetano Salvadore found his love for photography through film. Since his father worked for Warner Communications, maybe it was inevitable that he would grow up appreciating the world of movies. But it was his first summer down in Mexico in his early 20’s that really sparked Mr. Salvadore’s zeal for photography. After returning to American soil, he immediately enrolled in classes at the Center for Media Arts in Chelsea and began assisting other photographers around the city.

Mr. Salvadore specializes in headshots, portraits and event photographs. He spent several years shooting concerts and other events. Thus far in his career, he has covered everything from the Rolling Stones’ first concert tour of mainland China to a belly-dancing sword swallower (a world-record holder, no less) to a recent natural child birth in a Brooklyn apartment. He also works with people who suffer from chronic illnesses, especially eating disorders and depression. His method combines traditional counseling with the medium of digital photography as a way to facilitate healing.

It goes without saying that people are Mr. Salvadore’s number one influence — their ideas, struggles and passions. “I’ve always been a great listener,” he says, “and, to me, that is one of the most important tools a photographer can have.”

You can find out more about Mr. Salvadore on his website,


October 26, 2011

New York, New YorkWe are big foodies here at Sitka Creations so we are thrilled to promote this website for our friend Micheal Castaldo, a true Italian with a taste for authentic Italian cuisine.

By now, I am sure you have heard or read about the enormous amount of health benefits that come from olive oil- a staple in both the Italian and Mediterranean diets. It is currently very difficult and pricey to buy TRUE extra virgin olive oil, considering that most of the brands you see on the super market shelves do not come close to the olive oil produced in typical Italian mills. This is why the New York City Olive Oil Coop was formed. They deliver Certified Organic Oil straight from the source, Micheal’s family-run mill in Calabria, Italy.

To purchase a 1 gallon can of Pellegrino Olive Oil or their famous Balsamic Vinegar for yourself or a loved one, visit their website at or email

October 12, 2011

New York, NY – The cool temperatures of autumn have us already daydreaming about a vacation. We just got word from a friend of Sitka Creations, Janice Davis, with the latest about her new book. It’s all about villa travel. Vacation, anyone? Direct from her own synopsis:

Have you ever seen a movie or a TV drama that takes place in a lush Italian villa (or French chateau, Spanish castle or English manor house) and found yourself daydreaming of what it might be like to experience that lifestyle? Friends, a Villa & a Travel Bug by Janice Davis provides all the info you’ll need to plan a holiday with a large group of friends or family—in style and economically! Based on many years of experience renting luxurious and often historic European homes with groups of up to as many as twenty-seven friends, this book is a template for successful villa adventures. Every aspect of organizing such a holiday is covered, from how to locate your villa, to what factors you’ll need to weigh when making your selection, to dealing with pricing and figuring out who gets which room. Also included are travel basics (such as how to find the best air fare, how to pack efficiently, and how to beat jet lag) and anecdotes from her personal villa experiences.

Ms. Davis’ book is available on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

September 13, 2011

Boston, Massachusetts — We finally caught up with Wayne E. Chinnock, an excellent photographer from the New England area. Mr. Chinnock is a contact we have had since 2004 and thought it high time to show off his work.

By Michala Smith

For Wayne E. Chinnock, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Mr. Chinnock grew up in Tucson, Arizona, watching his father tote his SLR camera around to family outings in the desert and the mountains and working late in his homemade darkroom. He learned how to use a camera at a young age but his true passion for the art of photography did not emerge until his university days at the Creative Photography Center at the University of Arizona.

After graduating, he began his quest of gathering inspiration from around the globe, traveling to over 40 countries and capturing their diverse cultures, landscapes, and architecture. Right now, Mr. Chinnock is based out of Boston, Mass., and his areas of expertise include commercial and advertising work, graphic design, weddings, and real-life photography (to name a few). The world is Mr. Chinnock’s muse and his experience living in other countries is what makes him a truly unique photographer. His motto is: “Real Moments + Real Photography = Real Memories.”

For more information about Wayne E. Chinnock and for links to his other sites, visit his main website at

Wayne E. Chinnock

March 7, 2011

Nashville, Tennessee — Sitka Creations is happy to have connected with photographer Chad McClarnon in Nashville, TN in 2009 via Twitter. Our coffee dates at Crema in Nashville have become annual.

By Michala Smith

With his deep-rooted connection to the South, Chad McClarnon has carved out a successful niche in his home state of Tennessee. But in a way, he’s found his niche as a photographer all over the country. He shoots commercial, editorial, and advertising images, as well as clients’ portraits. Of all these realms of photography, his favorite consists of taking pictures that include people. Mr. McClarnon believes that “art should be something you can relate to, so I try to find some sort of human element in everything I shoot.” His never-ending reel of projects is what keeps Mr. McClarnon on his toes. He most recently revisited his passion for filmmaking and is currently outlining a new screenplay with his writing team, hoping to present a feature film within the next five years. His other ventures include “Project: One Song,” which is featured on his website, and a montage based on images of discrimination that is nearly three years in the making. The idea of this project is that anyone of any race, creed, sex, shape, size, income level, color, etc. could look upon the photos and identify with them. He hopes that people who have never experienced discrimination will look upon the photos and empathize in a way they never have before.

To find out more about Mr. McClarnon and his projects, check out his website or email him at

February 28, 2011

Martha’s Vineyard, MA — Sitka Creations is happy to have had the opportunity to use the work of Island photographer Randi Baird, during 2010.

By Michala Smith

New York City native Randi Baird visited the small, picturesque island of Martha’s Vineyard in her teens, never expecting that she would eventually become a full-time resident. Ms. Baird has been a photographer for over two decades and has been featured in several publications, including Cape Cod Life, Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, and Edible Vineyard. Having been raised in an urban environment, moving to Martha’s Vineyard fifteen years ago turned out to be a huge culture shock for Ms. Baird. Instead of occupying the streets of San Francisco and Manhattan, she found herself becoming fully immersed in the rural lifestyle of Martha’s Vineyard. Ms. Baird is a cofounder of a non-profit organization on the island called Island Grown Initiative, whose goal is to support farmers with an array of programs. She is a local activist and a dedicated photographer whose work is diverse yet distinct. Although she is an exceptional wedding photographer, Ms. Baird portfolio includes architecture, food, and environmental portraiture. She is constantly updating her blog, which exhibits her past, published and current work.

Check out Ms. Baird’s website and blog at

Randi Baird

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