New York, NY — Feb.. 21, 2014 We love our clients and wanted to tell you about one that we worked with in the past and recent months, Maurice Frumkin.

By Euletha Dukes

Maurice Frumkin The hallways in most New York City middle schools present a familiar scene. Students hustle from class to class, abuzz with the day’s gossip, while the sound of lockers slamming shut can be heard just before the bell rings and makes it clear who’s on time and who’s late — that’s Anyschool, USA. But there is something else that makes the students in this scene quite unique.

Every year, some 90,000 middle school students in New York City enter one of the most competitive school choice programs in the country — admission to the high school of their choice. For a middle-schooler, this is big. Success in this competition is even bigger than being voted Most Popular or asking that special someone out for a date. It’s life-changing big. And parents are well aware of that, which is why they do everything they can to help their kids get into the best schools.

Students can turn to any number of valuable resources — teachers, coaches, guidance counselors and advisors. These are all great team players, but there is only so much advice and guidance they can give. What students really need is a specialist, a coach who sees the bigger picture and can come up with a game plan to get them that personalized win of acceptance into the right high school.

Thousands of parents and students have enlisted the aid of NYC Admissions Solutions to help them achieve that victory. Maurice Frumkin, founder and president of NYC Admissions Solutions, credits his professional expertise to working in the New York City public school system for over 20 years, five of which were spent as the Deputy Executive Director of High School Enrollment in the Department of Education. “I’ve worked in the system, and no one else can offer this kind of personalized expertise. I help families so they don’t have to deal with miscellaneous logistics they shouldn’t have to deal with. It saves them time, gives them peace of mind, and gets them a better outcome.” Thousands of successful applicants can attest to that.

Mr. Frumkin advises that the sooner parents and children start with the high school admissions process, the better. Starting as early as the sixth grade gives them adequate time to navigate the system. What kind of obstacle course are they dealing with? One strewn with application deadlines, interviews, auditions and portfolio submissions, not to mention the stress of learning about the different admissions criteria used by the New York City schools they’ve set their sights on. Without a patient, personable guide, the whole affair can quickly become overwhelming, particularly if parents and students are ill-equipped to handle the complexities that inevitably arise.

The best results often go to parents and students who are engaged in the process from beginning to end, who are proactive and forward-looking. Mr. Frumkin consults with the student and the parents together, the better to tailor school recommendations to their needs and goals. He might even suggest great schools that his clients have never heard of.

Now think again about those hallways, this time in a high school. Come September, they are again abuzz with students, many of whom are making new friends at a new school. In many cases, it looks like it did, indeed, turn out to be the best choice after all. Was it worth the time, effort and sacrifice? Absolutely. For both parent and student, it’s that rare, golden, win-win situation.

New York, NY — December 30, 2013 Thanks to an introduction by Ross Karp this fall we met Ms. Spilman. We have had the pleasure to have her on our list of contacts and coffee date adventures in Manhattan. She hired us to work with her to recreate her brand: logo, tagline and corp-id set-up. We were thrilled. And before we present the visuals (since they are currently at the printer and waiting for their public entrance), here is a bit about Ms. Spilman. Enjoy!

By Euletha Dukes

At some point in our online activities, we have all come across those long legal documents whose terms we must agree to before we can gain access to some websites or are granted permission on some sites to be content creators. This usually comes after we have filled in our particulars — usually our names, addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, a few personal factoids, and (sometimes) our banking information. Most of us just give these “Terms and Conditions” documents our OK without a second thought.

Yet for online consumers and creators alike, a firestorm of questions may come to mind: What, exactly, are we agreeing to when we click on “I agree”? Who else can access our personal information? Can someone else lay claim to our creative content? Or, if we happen to be website creators, what legal rights do we have to use personal information and content from our subscribers?

Very few of us even bother to read these documents, and very few of those who do read them fully understand them. They often concern the specifics of Intellectual Property Law. Most of us know next to nothing about the nuts and bolts of this field of law, which is increasingly important in the rapidly expanding world of digital media. Enter Maia T. Spilman, Esq. 

A transactional intellectual property attorney for upwards of 15 years, Maia T. Spilman is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP). Her firm specializes in the law and regulation of the digital world, and provides counsel to clients who want to protect the intellectual property they license or create. With a background in music law and licensing going back to 1998, the year 2004 saw her shift her practice toward the digital space ultimately leading to a field rapidly gaining in significance and increasing in scope — that of Information Privacy.

Perhaps this was a natural progression. Companies such as Napster and iTunes were busy making headlines during those years when the old definitions of creative content and ownership were confronting all the challenges brought on by the increasing influence of digital technology. Ms. Spilman’s passion to educate and her keen interest in the complex arena of Intellectual Property led to the field of Privacy Law becoming her main focus.

Today she advises clients that range from start-ups and entrepreneurs to large corporations. Her areas of expertise include data collection and sharing practices, creating or revising company privacy policies, complying with copyright laws, and negotiating contracts. She runs the firm independently and, being the savvy networker that she is, she also collaborates with or refers clients to other colleagues who may have more expertise in related areas of the law.

One need not be a computer scientist to learn one’s rights in the digital world. To Big Business, where information means power, our personal data becomes a commodity. If left unchecked in the interwebs, that corporate power leaves us consumers with very little control over our own information.

But consumers aren’t the only ones who need training in digital law. Businesses and corporations do, too. Educating consumers, corporations and content creators alike — Ms. Spilman sincerely believes that this is her raison d’être.

My mother raised me with the familiar maxim, ‘To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” The more we depend on technology, the more we need to be informed of our rights as consumers and the options at our disposal if things suddenly go awry.

Maia T. Spilman, Esq., is on to a good thing. So are her clients. She frequently plays the diverse roles of educator, counselor and guide, as she helps individuals navigate the complex world of Information Privacy Law with an honest, clear vision. Such wise counsel as she can provide is invaluable for any businessperson exploring the vast and ever-expanding universe of the Internet.

For more information, go to or write to to reach Maia T. Spilman directly.

New York, N.Y — December 2, 2013 Recently we completed some menus for My Kitchen in Queens, New York. We love long-term relationships and this is one such relationship. We are thrilled to have been able to work for this new restaurant in Queens and hope you enjoy reading about them!

By Euletha Dukes

For anyone yearning for a bit of home or nostalgia, there is no shortage of suitable establishments in this huge, bustling city — from restaurants that serve meals family-style to the local watering hole where happy hour turns into a late evening meet-and-greet. I found a place that makes me feel at home in Forest Hills, Queens. It’s a little gem of a restaurant with a big heart, called My Kitchen.

The brainchild of Dhanny and Giuseppe Palma, My Kitchen is a marriage of two cultures — Trinidadian and Italian — both of which are big on food and family. This is entirely appropriate, since these two people have had a long and happy marriage of their own, side-by-side with their business relationship.

With 40 years of combined experience in food service and catering, Dhanny and Giuseppe had a clear vision of what the next step would be: to invite us into their kitchen and share their love of food with us. Now a fixture on Metropolitan Avenue, My Kitchen is here to stay. With Dhanny as greeter, server and bartender and Giuseppe as chef, diners immediately sense that they are welcomed into a rare, intimate dining experience.

One glance at the menu, and I immediately picked up on their international flair. The Stewed Oxtail is paired with polenta instead of the traditional rice. Both flavorful and gluten-free? Yes, please, and thank you! One of Dhanny’s personal favorites is the Portobello Mushroom with Gorgonzola Cheese appetizer. You don’t see this combination very often, but get ready for some intense flavor when you try it! The earthy taste of the mushroom paired with the pungent cheese really gives it a wow factor. If there’s anything that keeps me coming back, it’s authenticity, and I think they’ve got it down to a science. Everything is tried and true, straight from their own home kitchen. The Angel Hair Pasta with Grilled Shrimp & Fresh Spinach in a Plum Tomato Sauce has been a hit since the day their daughter taste-tested it 18 years ago.

I couldn’t help but feel inspired by Dhanny’s enthusiasm for the local businesses and events that she and Giuseppe are proud to support. A local printer in Queens produces their menus and banners. They get their desserts from a local bakery, La Dolce. And this year they hosted their first family-style Thanksgiving meal event, where every table was complete with a turkey, stuffing and other traditional fixings.

But their versatility doesn’t end there. Catering, weddings, corporate events, even wine-pairing dinners at your own home — you name it, they can do it. One stand-out quality that they pride themselves on is that you can literally call up and order any item, and they’ll have it ready when you come in. Dhanny told me of a time when a client, visiting with his wife from the Phillipines, called them up looking for soft shell crabs. It isn’t on their regular menu, but they made it happen. In Dhanny’s words, “It’s really making our kitchen theirs.”

I walked home remembering that warm greeting and welcome by Dhanny when I first entered the restaurant, thinking of who I could bring with me next time and what dishes we should enjoy together. An experience such as this needs to be shared. To feel like one is at a home away from home is a rare feeling, and I think My Kitchen has mastered the art of capturing it. They invite us all to enjoy “the best seats at the chef’s table,” and I heartily accept that invitation.

For more information, go to or visit their official Facebook page:


August 20, 2013

By Tamar Russell

New York, N.Y. — We are so thrilled! We have been working with Maurice Frumkin on his brand and now his site for his newly launched start-up: NYC Admissions Solutions. Today is the day! His site has just been launched!

Mr. Frumkin knows the education system in NYC inside and out and will be a great asset to families looking to get their kids into the High School of their choice. We wish him all the best with the new company. [Maurice! thanks for hiring our team to make it happen.]


July 17, 2013 — Vineyard Haven, MA

We haven’t posted much here lately. So, a brief update…

Wednesdays, owner Tamar Russell can be found in Vineyard Haven, MA on Martha’s Vineyard.

Thursday and Friday, August 1 & 2, we are booking meetings in NYC.
We would love to meet with you! Call us: 718.974.3328.

Otherwise, join our e-newletter list for the latest updates on our projects: and the next letter will have the most recent fun news.

The Team at Sitka

April 18, 2013

By Tamar Russell

Leominster, Mass. — About a month ago I had the privilege of being a guest on the No Boundaries Radio Hour, a show hosted by my friends Dennis and Scott. We discussed design, marketing and the history of Central Mass. One super-interesting development was the introduction of a new service from Dennis and Scott, and I want all of you to know about it.

Enter the No Boundaries Podcast Service. It’s a content generation service of No Boundaries Marketing that designs and implements sales-&-marketing strategies from SMGraves Creative Associates.

The service will help businesses externalize their efforts to produce and broadcast content. No Boundaries does this without compromising a firm’s essential message and mission. They empower their clients by giving them effective storytelling capabilities. A company’s ability to educate and inform its client base is essential to its long-term success.

Any size company, in any industry, can make use of the No Boundaries service. The important thing is understanding the importance of dynamic storytelling — how that crucial skill can better position a firm in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Here is what Dennis and Scott have to say about how this endeavor began:

Dennis: We found that people do not always have the time to write a blog or produce stories on their own. We have fun learning about companies and helping them tell their stories. We save clients time and money and we bring the services to them.

Scott: Dennis and I began our own nationally syndicated radio show understanding how you position yourself as a thoughtful and engaging entity in our current marketplace. As we garnered credibility for SMGraves Creative Associates through our own radio show, we also took a closer look at how best to offer a similar service to clients. The importance of convenience through externalizing tasks and onsite recording… The comprehensive nature of the package by offering a basic Tumblr blog and walking the client through best practices… All of that experience and thoughtful design is in the No Boundaries Podcast Service.

Dennis says that he and Scott love learning about all kinds of companies and making connections between people. At Sitka Creations we apply the same ideals to our work with our clients and contacts.

If you are a person who understands the importance of telling your story, and telling it in a gripping, interesting way, then we suggest you call them — and mention us!

In an effort to support some excellent networker friends of ours in New York and to help promote their event, here is a short post for their up-coming seminar.



APRIL 23, 2013
6 – 8 P.M.

66 W. 35th St., New York, NY 10001

Room 704A

Come join our free informational session, where we will guide you through the planning process to ensure that you are properly protected for life’s unexpected twists and turns. Our panel of three experienced professionals will discuss strategies for wealth preservation, wealth growth and estate planning and distribution.

Our panel includes:

Ross Karp, CLTC, 3P Insurance Services

Martin Klein, Esq., Kamerman&Soniker P.C.

Camner Rubin, Edward Jones


To register for this FREE information session complete the information below and email to or or








January 3, 2013

We can’t THANK YOU enough…

But we’re going to try.

Now that the sun has set on 2012, we want to take a moment to thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to work with you over this past eventful year. Our team — Tamar, Dragan, Lidija, Jerry, Simao, Aleksandar and Monique — enjoyed creating online communications and design concepts for you and your businesses. It is our pleasure to “design ideas” that capture the public’s attention and drive business in your direction.

We also especially want to thank Michala Smith and Jeremy Smith, two great young professionals whom we were lucky to have on our team roster. They’ve now gone on to exciting new ventures, and we wish them all the success in the world!

In 2012, Sitka Creations has had the privilege of working with a distinguished group of design, Web and PR clients. You each know who you are, but you might not know what excellent company you’re in! Some of our Social Media and other Design Studio clients are not listed here, in keeping with confidentiality agreements — but our other terrific clients are as follows:

4 Keepsakes Photography, Martha’s Vineyard

NYC BNI Chapter 3, NYC

Carlsbad Window Cleaning, Carlsbad, CA

Christine Isherwood, Martha’s Vineyard

Freiberg and Peck, LLP, NYC

Varier USA, Needham, MA

Edible Queens, Astoria, NYC

Island Estates, Martha’s Vineyard

Jennifer Klein Massage, Martha’s Vineyard

Katama General, Martha’s Vineyard

Kerry Quinlan-Potter owner of The Collection MV and Newburyport and Real Estate Broker, Martha’s Vineyard

Legend Homes, Nashville, TN

Let Me Do That, Martha’s Vineyard

Lighthouse Properties, Martha’s Vineyard

Massage by Heather, Bristol, RI

Chef Melody Stazzone, NYC

Miranda Inzunza, NYC and Boston


Mouse and Men, NYC

Onega Appraisal, Leominster, MA

Pediatrics 2000, NYC

Redwood Window Cleaning, San Fransico, CA, Nashville, TN

Sharon Jarchin Health Care Marketing, Long Island, NY

Sparkle Window Cleaning, Martha’s Vineyard

Tiny Tasters, Dublin, Ireland

Transform Fitness, NYC

Seth Williams Plumbing and Heating, Martha’s Vineyard

The Yoga Barn, Martha’s Vineyard

We also have several hosting clients in Brazil and one account in Canada.

To bring us all together more closely for our mutual benefit, we want to give you an opportunity to work with us again next year — and encourage your friends and associates to do the same. To this end, we are going to activate a Client Referral Program for 2013. It works like this:

1)   Kindly refer an associate of yours to us, and then

2)   If that new client signs a proposal with Sitka for work in excess of $500 during 2013, we will compensate you with a referral fee of $50.

We look forward to working with all of you in 2013. Here’s hoping you get to enjoy some time with family and friends this month, and then press on to a happy and prosperous 2013. Let’s do business!

All the best,

The Team at Sitka Creations


October 31, 2012

As October 2012 closes, we are happy to mention that Sitka Creations is 10 years old. Sitka Creations started in Rockland, Maine in October of 2002. Our first project was for a company called Uvitec Printing Ink, Inc. thanks to Bob Waddington, who we will never forget.

Over the years we have added services, learned how business and design go together, and expanded our collaborative team to include many contributors and freelancers. We have made mistakes, learned from them and continue to grow. We have worked with many different types of companies, individuals and other artists. The projects have been numerous, some large and some small, but all of them have been fun.

We appreciate the support of our team, our friends and our families. We also are extremely grateful to our CLIENTS without whom we would be unable to continue this business.

We look forward to another 10 Years as your design team.

A few names we would like to mention and thank:

Our Team (past and present): Dragan Dimic, Kelly Phoninsan, Tanya Messore, Jeremy Smith, Alfred Rivera, Tirzah Russell, Ivan Pablo Franco Luna, Lidija Butkovic, Simao Ago, Jerry Kann, Monique Mota, Aleksandar Mitic, Nitzan Zohar, Jon Kidson, Regina Cummings, Anna Marie DiAddaire, and Ryan Cassidy.

Some individuals with whom we have collaborated: Charles DeBendittis, Rod Milam, and Amy Williams.

Other design companies who have hired us: Elizabeth Whelan and Jane Lee Design.

Our Paper Companies: Neenah Paper, Mohawk Paper, and Fraser Papers.

Our Printers: Bubble Gum Printing Company (Queens), Jamie McLennan at Independence Press (NJ), The Tisbury Printer (Martha’s Vineyard), James Higgins (NYC), Elm Street Printing (Camden, ME), and Overnight Prints.

Our Bankers and Tax Companies, Business Coach: Pagona N. Maroulis Lalljee, Laurie DiRusso, Chris Skevas, Eric Maisonave, Don Tracey, Shannon Jackson, Teri Scheinzeit, CHASE Bank (we love CHASE Bank) and The Martha’s Vineyard Savings Bank.

Some of our networking group presidents and key networkers: Narayn Datt, Ross Karp (MNG), Josephti Cruz Gonda (BNI), and Bill Fischer (BNI). We also thanks MVOL for the referrals as well as Heather Goff.

There are many more names to mention, and if you did not get a mention because we forgot you, please leave us a comment and we will make an amendment to this post.

Again, we thank you all and let’s hope for 10 more years!


We invite you to a concert spotlighting an artist and friend of ours, Micheal Castaldo, at the Little Theater presented by the St. John’s University (Queen’s, NY Campus) Italian Cultural Center. We are excited to attend tomorrow, Sunday, September 30th at 2:00 PM and hope to see you there as well.

This will be a multi-media, multi-sensory concert presentation which will include olive oil tasting. Mr. Castaldo will perform many classic Italian songs from his recent #1 CD entitled ‘Olive You’.

Also on stage will be a string quartet from the Richmond County Orchestra and a modern Sicilian dance ensemble direct from Ragusa Marina, Sicily, Italy called the Hyblart Dance Company.

From Mr. Castaldo’s Facebook page, here is his song line-up:

1 Brucia La Terra*

2 Notte Di Luci*

3 Pray’r *

4 Il Mondo*

5 Va Pensiero

6 … NEW SONG (from new 2103 CD) …

7 I Te Vurria Vasa*

8 He Lives in You*

9 Guarda Questa Terra*

10 Senza Catene*

11 Allelulia*

Dance Break Tranatella Siciliana -feat. Hyblart Dance Company

12 – ENCORE if requested Con Te Partiro

songs with * will be choreographed /danced to by Saveria Tumino and the Hyblart Dance Company.

There will be a reception to follow at Marillac Terrace.

Tickets are available at the theater on the day of the concert for $20. We suggest you arrive early by 1pm.

For more info contact:
Prof. Joan M. D’Andrea
Call 718.990.6054 or 718.990.7541

St. John’s University – Little Theater
8000 Utopia Pkwy, Jamaica, New York 11439
Directions to SJU (use parking lots #3 or #4 and walk a short distance to the Little Theater). Handicapped entrance is at the rear of the theater.

Please note that SJU does not encourage you to bring children under 12 years of age.

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